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Head Market Engagement

I'm Richard Smith and I look after feedback and public accountability for BBC Online (including managing the small team who produce this blog and plan and deliver our BBC Online Industry Briefings.)

Part of my role involves working with BBC commissioners and external suppliers to facilitate the working relationship between BBC Online and the UK's digital industry, whether these are big players or start-ups.

BBC Online is subject to a quota which ensures that we spend at least 25% of our eligible budget with external suppliers, with the aim of creating the highest quality service and the best possible value for money.

In 2011 the BBC Trust asked us to report back with answers to six key questions relating to what our quota aims to achieve and how we work with the digital industry.

Today we're publishing our response. These findings and our recommendations are based on research carried out on our behalf by independent analysts MTM London, and today we are also publishing their final report (with some redactions where required for commercial confidentiality).

I'm pleased to say that the Trust have accepted our findings and recommendations. As a result we will be retaining the existing supply arrangements for at least two more years.

They've also asked to us to look at ways we can make further improvements in how we commission and work with external suppliers and to regularly review and report performance against our stated objectives.

Later this year we'll be publishing our 2012/13 Out-turn report for BBC Online which will have further details about how we have fulfilled the quota this year. (Out-turn reports for previous years are available on our Commissioning web site)

If you are a digital business who work with BBC Online and have any questions about the reports I'm happy to try and answer any queries - so please do leave a comment.

Richard Smith is head of public accountability, BBC Online and Red Button.

Executive Response to the Trust Review of Online Supply 2012/13

MTM London Final Report


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