Hi everyone,

This is a quick post to say a thank you and a goodbye as my time on the Internet blog has now come to an end. It’s been a fascinating nine months where the blog has covered some really meaty content, not to mention a new look design!

Some of the new features introduced on the Interent blog earlier this year

I hope you’ve found some of the posts I’ve published over this time informative and interesting and that they’ve given you a bit of insight into the workings of BBC Online. Here are some of the highlights:

New features for BBC Sport were covered in depth including the iPhone app launched in January, followed by the android version the following month. Sport had a full desktop refresh and launched a responsive version of their mobile site.

Executive product manager Matt Coulson blogged about the launch of Connected Red Button on TiVo while we heard from the senior UX designer about how his team designed the site. Technical lead Duncan Fortescue blogged about how it was built.

Linked data was a major theme on the blog over the last few months with posts including Linked Data: Connecting together the BBC's Online Content by Oliver Bartlett, the launch of the News Juicer and the News linked data Onthology along with the release of the Storyline Data model

Changes in the BBC's Knowledge and Learning product were well covered including the release of the new Beta site as blogged by executive editor Chris Sizemore and we heard in more depth about how the site was built from technical architect Rob Lee. Further changes to K&L included the closure of the Health Website and the launch of BBC Food Your Favourites (including the closure of the recipe binder feature).

That’s just a whistle-stop sample of some of the content we’ve covered, I hope you have found some of it enjoyable and useful.

Thanks and bye!

Eliza Kessler was the content producer on the Internet blog.


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  • Comment number 2. Posted by Michelle Brown

    on 8 Jul 2013 11:33

    Hi Eliza - thanks for your blog posts over the last 9 months. It's great that someone took the time out to explain what is being done in terms of design etc. - even nicer to see a lot of "theoretical content" about technology and journalism - e.g. http://newsview.co.za/technology-changing-journalism/ actually being implemented.

    Somewhat related to stalisman's comment (#1), I do believe that user-interactivity is one area that the BBC does need to work on a bit more. Not only in terms of allowing commentary on more than just selected posts, but creating a platform where it's easier for users to contribute their thoughts and ideas and to encourage online conversation (in my opinion the Movable Type commentary platform did this a lot better than this new blog!)

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  • Comment number 1. Posted by stalisman

    on 5 Jul 2013 16:51

    One of the greatest failings of The BBC is not to allow people to comment spontaneously on what is read. One is only allowed to post on authorised threads. Such is a point blank denial of the public face of The BBC. I must admit I have never read your blog but that is in the main because I am so pissed off at the Censorship of The BBC in its allowance of only what they deem worth talking off.

    I am clearly bad at spellin' but I do wish to communicate. It is a great shame that in a country so proud as The UK that its foremost broadcasting organisation cares so little for what 'the people actually think'. The BBC seems to think that we need to be led like sheep or horses, and we know darn well they wont drink!.

    Good luck in your future exploits and thank you from my heart for letting me vent at this insidious censorship Cabal at the BBC!


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