Commonwealth Games: Connected Studio Brief

Chief Technical Architect

Hello I’m Mo McRoberts and I’m part of the team that helps to organise Connected Studio events here at BBC Scotland.

As you may know next year the city of Glasgow will play host to the XX Commonwealth Games and part of this is a programme of cultural events across Scotland, revisiting and celebrating the Commonwealth.

This will be the first Connected Studio to be held solely in Glasgow

It’s this theme of Commonwealth culture which we are exploring with our next Connected Studio event, a Commonwealth Games Creative Studio day which will be taking place at The Lighthouse in Glasgow’s city centre on July 4 2013.

From this Connected Studio we want to uncover how we can bring the history and impact of the Commonwealth to BBC Online, enable audiences to share key moments of the events with one another, provide ways for people to use our archives to tell their own stories of the Commonwealth and how we can encourage under-25s to engage with the BBC and each other in new ways throughout 2014.

Below are the four challenges set out in the Innovation Brief that we are looking to solve through this event. Whether you’ve worked with the BBC previously or not, whether your focus is creative or technical and whether you’re an individual, part of a start-up, or a successful digital indie, if you've got an idea you'd like to pitch at the Creative Studio for Commonwealth Games apply via the Connected Studio website.

These questions formed the basis of the four challenges below, which are set out in the event's Innovation Brief. If you think you can helps us solve them then we'd love to hear from you - Connected Studio is open to everybody, whether you've worked with the BBC previously or not, your focus is creative or technical, or whether you're an individual, part of a start-up, or a successful digital indie.

You can find out more about Connected Studio, or apply to take part in the Commonwealth Games Creative Studio, via the Connected Studio website.


1. Understanding the Commonwealth

The Commonwealth is home to almost one third of the world’s population and its land area comprises one fifth of the world’s total. Member countries are diverse ranging from the largest to smallest and richest to poorest on earth. Here in the UK we catch glimpses of ‘the Commonwealth’ every day in our music, culture, cuisine and history.

During the year in which Glasgow hosts the Commonwealth Games, how could we reflect life throughout the Commonwealth and celebrate the impact of Commonwealth cultures on modern Britain?

2. Accessible Commonwealth Events

Several live events will represent core offerings from the BBC Commonwealth Games portfolio including the Commonwealth Cultural Hub, a publicly accessible venue outside BBC Scotland headquarters in Glasgow which will feature family-friendly content from the BBC and partner organisations. Although the Cultural Hub and other BBC Commonwealth events are taking place in Glasgow, it’s an aspiration that UK-wide audiences should feel involved in as many activities as possible and share their experiences with others.

As Commonwealth events unfold how could we encourage audiences throughout the UK to participate in, and share, the moment?

3. Digital Commonwealth

The 2012 Olympic Games were a success story for delivery of BBC mobile and tablet content and in 2014 we want to deliver even richer digital experiences to audiences. We are looking for ways to make Commonwealth-themed BBC content as interactive, visually inspiring and personally meaningful as possible. We are able to draw upon the resource of the BBC Archive and offer broadcast platforms for content generated by everyone.

How could we encourage audiences to capture, curate and share content from and through the BBC during this Commonwealth Games year?

4. Commonwealth Youth

Over half of Commonwealth citizens are aged 25 or under and reaching youth is a BBC Commonwealth Games editorial priority. Younger audiences are more likely to use BBC digital services than any other age group but during BBC Olympic coverage reach among the 16 to 24 group was lowest. However, half of this age group told us that they used services from the BBC that they had never tried before in order to follow the Olympics.

How could we inspire under-25s to engage with BBC content/services and each other during this Commonwealth Games year?

Mo McRoberts is an Analyst in BBC Archive Development and part of the Connected Studio team for BBC Scotland.


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