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I’m very happy to tell you that after 6 months of extensive work to improve many aspects of the service, the new version of the BBC Travel News product is returning again as a beta.

We’ll be iterating and gathering the feedback until the service has been fully developed and is meeting the expectations of its audience.

More information about the initial scope of the beta can be found in my earlier blog post.

BBC Travel beta on three screens

The current improvements are mainly “behind the scenes”, but guarantee reliability and the highest quality of the data, that is ever so important in a case of the BBC services.

We have also introduced a new feature of ordering the incidents by severity, distance or incident type, which will allow the users to customise the service in a way that works best for them in particular circumstances (for example “sort by severity” is the default state on desktop but we believe that on mobile “sort by proximity” will give the information in a more relevant way).

You will see more features appearing within the next months, starting with the next mode of transport, and we hope that you will find them useful and intuitive. We’d like to hear your feedback so please do share your comments with me and the team by commenting on this post, or alternatively contact us at

Karolina Iwaszko is Product Manager, Travel & Navigation

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