Technology Strategy & Architecture team speak at AWS re:Invent

Technology Strategy & Architecture

The BBC is continuously working to develop its wide range of apps and services to improve the audience experience. And a couple of weeks ago, two of the BBC’s senior architects from Technology Strategy & Architecture (TS&A) spoke at the AWS re:Invent 2017, the largest AWS tech conference.

Lead Architect Stephen Godwin spoke about How the BBC Built a Massive Media Pipeline Using Microservices. He described the approach behind creating iPlayer architecture, and showed how the BBC uses AWS messaging to choreograph the 200 microservices in the iPlayer pipeline, maintain data consistency as media traverses the pipeline, and refresh caches to ensure timely delivery of media to users.

Matthew Clark, Head of Architecture in BBC North, looked at The Nanoservices Architecture That Powers BBC Online. He described how the BBC’s website and apps, used around the world by millions who read, watch, and interact with a range of content, handle this scale with an innovative website platform, built on Amazon ElastiCache and Amazon EC2 and based on nanoservices.

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