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Hi, my name is Richard and I'm a technologist working in the BBC Blue Room.

It's my job to highlight immediate consumer technology trends and game changing media consumption devices and to bring them to the attention of our editorial, technical and management teams.

In the Blue Room we often find the strongest way to convey the importance and impact of new electronic equipment and content services is to put them in the hands of our colleagues and allow them to discover the potential for themselves.

Ultra High Definition TV screens at The International Consumer Electronics Show 2013

The Blue Room is our den of devices where colleagues can touch, test and trial new consumer cameras, emerging displays, fresh forms of digital content and connected experiences across mobile, tablet, PC and televisions.

One of the biggest events in the technology calendar is the International Consumer Electronics Show. It features 20,000 product launches, more than 150,000 attendees and over 3,250 exhibitors.

With the exception of Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft nearly every technology company from start-up to the multi-billion dollar global brand have a presence in Las Vegas in January.

My fellow Blue Roomer, Lindsey Suter and I were there too.

Attending the CES show served three core knowledge gaining purposes for the Blue Room. It allows us to select interesting and exciting products to showcase, make contact with developers and engineers who make them and to pick-up on overarching themes and trends that show provides.

Smart utensils, bizarre iAccessories,' booth babes' and Ultra High Definition TV made headlines.

We'd like share some of our findings about the next generation of televisions and the potential for new content with you so we've produced our Little Blue Book from CES (Link to PDF).

If you have any comments or would like to suggest any exciting consumer technology products that you think the BBC should be across please use the comments section below or tweet us @BBCBlueRoom.

Richard Robbins is a senior technologist at the BBC.

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