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  1. July 2016: List of BBC web pages which have been removed from Google's search results

    As a contribution to public policy and debate, the BBC has decided to make clear to licence fee payers which pages have been impacted by publishing this list of links.

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  2. New BBC Digital Design roster: Call for entries

    We are very pleased to announce the re-procurement of our BBC Digital Design Services roster, 3 years after the last procurement. This roster offers the opportunity for world-class user experience and design agencies of all sizes and specialisms to partner with our internal team.

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  3. Einstein & Newton: The brains behind the future of BBC Bitesize

    In the past Bitesize has offered a one size fits all approach to accessing that content via its website, but in the App we sought to make it easier for students to find what they need by only showing the content that is relevant to their studies.

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  4. BBC launches new terms and conditions for digital services

    Last week we launched our new Terms of Use that covers all of BBC’s digital services including, and BBC’s apps. We want it to be easy and quick for you to find what you are looking for when you click on our Terms of Use.

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