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  1. Head of UX&D

    I'm Nick Haley, the Head of User Experience and Design for Sport & London 2012 at BBC Future Media. As the final pieces of our four-screen Olympic jigsaw come together, I thought I'd take the opportunity to share some of the design thinking that has gone into delivering this huge sporting even...

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  2. Assistant Content Producer

    First Night of the Proms Proms 2012 illustration, featuring the Royal Albert Hall First Night of the Proms begins the world's greatest classical music festival in 2012 on BBC Two. Viewers will be able to press the Red Button to follow Radio 3's Sara Mohr-Pietsch on Twitter, as she g...

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  3. Head of Product

    Just over two weeks ago I posted a blog about the major upgrade we made to the BBC Weather website, introducing new hourly forecasts for UK locations and three hourly forecasts for International locations. Yesterday we introduced extended forecasts, providing ten day forecasts for all our loca...

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  4. Head of Connected Studio

    Last week, BBC Connected Studio ventured off site again, this time to MozSpace in central London for the second Build Studio, with the focus on the Weather and Travel Product. From the 25 concepts that were pitched at the Creative Studio in Google Campus on June 12,

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