BBC iPlayer comes to the Sony PlayStation 4

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Hi, I am a senior product manager for BBC iPlayer on TV devices.

Today BBC iPlayer is being launched on Sony Playstation 4. We have been working with Sony to bring the best possible experience to the device and I hope that PlayStation 4 users will love it.

BBC iPlayer on PlayStation 4

This release was made possible by close collaboration between Sony and the BBC and makes use of the TV Application Layer, that I previously blogged about in March.

TV Application Layer

The BBC iPlayer is being shared or launched on new devices every week, and we can only do that by having a really good engagement and testing process.

Clear process

We specify very clearly what requirements we have of a new TV or device, referencing industry standards. We also have a compliance application that we make available to a manufacturer of a new device. The compliance application can be used to test different requirements independently. For example, we can check that the buttons on a remote control or games controller do what is expected or that you can pause the video and resume the video. These sound very simple things, but every device is different and even the most subtle difference can be a problem.

Step by step

Only once we confirm that the device can run the compliance application sucessfully do we start looking at iPlayer. This means that if the compliance application works on a device, then iPlayer and our other TV applications should do too.

Over 1000 TV devices

We’ve recently passed a big milestone as we have launched BBC iPlayer on over 1000 TV devices – smart TVs, set top boxes, games consoles, Blu-ray players. Again it is the TV Application Layer that has enabled this and allows us to manage all these applications without a team of thousands.

Where do I get BBC iPlayer on the PlayStation 4?

It is available in the TV/Video Services section of the PlayStation menu.

Other BBC Applications

The BBC Sport and BBC News application will also be available on the PlayStation 4 at launch.

For the full list of devices and features check out the ‘where can you get iPlayer’ site.

Peter Lasko is a Senior Product Manager for BBC iPlayer on TV Devices

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