Clare Hudson

Executive Editor, Search and Navigation

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  1. BBC Homepage: Editorial insights into running the new

    The Homepage editorial team is committed to serving you the very best of the BBC, from the big hits to the hidden gems, every day. We’re now re-focusing our approach to make sure we’re able to continue to help the many users who visit the BBC online to make sense of what’s going on right now.

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  2. How we choose content for the new BBC Homepage

    A team of 3-4 editorial staff – a duty editor, content producer and assistant content producer – starts the day early.

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  3. I’m Clare Hudson, executive editor at BBC Online. The 25-strong editorial team I belong to curates content for a number of BBC services including the BBC’s desktop and mobile homepages, editors’ picks in BBC Search, the pictures accompanying each programme in BBC iPlayer and the menus and servic...

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  4. Back in November when the new BBC Homepage launched, my technical counterpart James Thornett and his boss Phil Fearnley described how the team intended to evolve the product over time and improve the homepage for all users. As homepage editorial lead, I'm happy to announce a significant new de...

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