Jim Simmons

Senior Product Manager

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  1. Audio Factory update:  the BBC's audio streaming system one year on

    Audio Factory has enabled a lot of new features for listeners since its release in February 2015. As the first anniversary approaches, this blog updates on what has been happening and what the plans are for the future.

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  2. Audio Factory: BBC Radio 3 HD Sound on Shoutcast

    We are still talking to manufacturers and many are confident that they will be able to provide their users with access to all 57 of our HLS AAC streams at 320kb/s within a few weeks or months.

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  3. Audio Factory: update

    We have been communicating our plans to manufacturers and aggregators for the last 12 months but we are aware that some devices will not be able to receive these new formats .

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  4. Start times on BBC Radio on demand programmes

    Let’s start with two simple questions. What time does Woman’s Hour on Radio 4 start and how long is it? The answers are of course, that it starts at 10:00:00, 10:02:00 and 10:02:07 and its duration is 1 hour, 58 minutes, 57 minutes, 56’ 53”, 45 minutes, 43 minutes and 42’57”.

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  5. Radio will stop supporting Windows Media on December 31st. This will have an effect on some online listeners, as we know that some devices cannot support the new http streaming methods or the AAC codec.

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