Niko Vijayaratnam

Senior Product Manager,

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  1. BBC News: responsive website to launch next week

    we have developed a new version of the News website which implements a responsive design so that we can offer all our users the best experience possible

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  2. BBC News responsive design: update

    Most of the positive comments referred to the look and feel of the site, using words like ‘clear’, ‘fresh’ and ‘uncluttered’. In terms of specific features, some people mentioned the "Most Read" box and others mentioned the new "time stamps" as aspects they liked. 

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  3.  You can see how the responsive site works at different screen sizes on desktop by adjusting the size of your browser window to see how the content automatically flows and re-adjusts to the screen size i.e. it is one site that works across all screens.

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  4. The Breaking News Tool (BNT) is a new product we’ve launched this month which allows journalists to deliver breaking news alerts to you in up to six different ways at once.

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