Helene Sears

is senior editorial designer for BBC News visual journalism

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  1. Ever wondered what your cat gets up to once it leaves the cat flap? The Horizon programme, in collaboration with the Royal Veterinary College, set off to a Surrey village with GPS trackers and collar ‘cat cams’ to find out. While the idea seemed light-hearted to begin with there was some seriou...

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  2. Recently I had the pleasure of working on US Elections on the BBC News site, a subject I'm especially passionate about as an American living in London. My team produces a huge range of infographics that accompany our daily online news stories and we also do the UX design for larger...

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  3. My name is Helene Sears and I'm an Editorial Designer for BBC News. My team produces a huge range of visuals including all of the daily charts, maps and infographics that accompany our online news stories.

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