Andrew Scott

General Manager, Audience Facing Services, BBC Future Media

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  1. Audio Factory overview: update

    We have no plans to release the stream URLs because we know that we are going to have to change them at some point in the future and need to be able to manage the changes

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  2. Audio Factory: an overview

    "If it isn't broken, don't fix it" is generally true, but in this case the previous encoding technology system was broken.

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  3. We are in the middle of building out new underlying technology ("Audio Factory") for making our radio content available online. This will replace some systems that have been around for over a decade and are getting too unreliable and expensive to maintain.

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  4. Hello, I am Andrew Scott, Head of Radio and Music and Audience Facing Services here at BBC Future Media. Today we announced the launch of BBC iPlayer Radio, previously known as the Radio and Music Product, and I'm delighted to tell you more about this new dedicated home for BBC radio across PC, ...

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