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  1. Jon Aird Jon Aird Producer BBC Comedy 3 posts

  2. Carmen Aitken Carmen Aitken Head of Audiences 2 posts

  3. Sofia Angeletou Sofia Angeletou Data Architect 1 post

  4. Eva Appelbaum Eva Appelbaum Head Digital Strategy 1 post

  5. Andy Armstrong Andy Armstrong Internet Engineer 1 post

  6. James Aslett James Aslett Assistant Content Producer 6 posts

  7. Martin Asser Martin Asser Senior Product Manager 1 post

  8. Ian Astbury Ian Astbury Senior Investigations Engineer 2 posts

  9. Jonathan Austin Jonathan Austin Product Manager 1 post

  10. Sam Bailey Sam Bailey Interactive editor 1 post

  11. Jake Bailey Jake Bailey Market Engagement Executive 1 post

  12. William Bamford William Bamford Software Developer 2 posts

  13. John Barratt John Barratt Senior Product Manager 2 posts

  14. Justin Barritt Justin Barritt Executive Product Manager 1 post

  15. Cathy Bartlett Cathy Bartlett Senior Product Manager 2 posts

  16. Oliver Bartlett Oliver Bartlett Product Manager 4 posts

  17. Chris Bartlett Chris Bartlett Content Producer 5 posts

  18. Gavin Barton Gavin Barton Development Manager 1 post

  19. Daniel Bean Daniel Bean Senior Product Manager 4 posts

  20. Paul Bennun Paul Bennun Chief Creative Officer 1 post

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