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Will Terreblanche death lead to instability in South Africa?

10:26 UK time, Monday, 5 April 2010

Black and white South Africans have scuffled outside a court building as two farm workers were charged with the murder of Eugene Terreblanche. Will his killing trigger racial violence?

Police stepped in to stop the face-off between people from the local black community and supporters of Eugene Terreblanche. Mr Terreblanche was attacked and killed at home near the town of Ventersdorp, in the North West Province.

Do you think South Africa is still racially divided? Has this incident increased racial division? What should be done?


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  • Comment number 1.

    "lead to instability in South Africa"? South Africa has been unstable for years now. Crime, drugs, disease, poverty, corruption, these are the things which have made South Africa the country it is today.

  • Comment number 2.

    I have relatives who live in South Africa and just recently the tension there has been buiding up considerably. They speak of a minister who publicly sings anti white songs inciting the black population to react.
    This couple have to keep six dogs to try and put off would be robbers. In the past they have been held at knife point by men from the nearby townships and now have to live behind locked gates.
    If this situation was reversed and the white population was terrorising the black then there would be quite rightly an outcry of indignation around the globe but the white population where they live get precious little help from local police. In their mid seventies this couple still have to work in order to meet their bills so we are not talking about rich white supremacy supporters who look down on their black neighbours but a very ordinary man and woman who are forced to live in fear.
    A point worth making is that while our govenment hands out millions in aid to African nations people like my relatives have had their British pensions frozen for decades. They are too old and tired to keep fighting for what is their right and are resigned to a far from happy life.

  • Comment number 3.

    Yes, it probably will, it doesn't seem to take much. One despairs of South Africa, after getting a massive boost from the unity that resulted in the end of White Supremacy and the goodwill of the world that Mandela engendered, they seem to have totally failed to tackle their problems or to move forward. From the outside they seem to be slowly descending into Zimbabwean-style tribally driven chaos.

    Of course, I'm no expert: I am only basing this on what I see and hear in the media, I've never even been to SA (though I have had long talks with several people who have recently returned from living there). Perhaps someone with some real expertise can put me straight, or confirm my fears?

    Alan T

  • Comment number 4.

    I have always thought that sooner or later that there will be significant bloodshed in the country, and that a lot of the whites will end up leaving. It has not happened yet, but there are worrying signs. The South African Government has progressive got worse and has become more fractionised, looking after their core supporters than the country as a whole.
    The fact that over 3000 white farmers have been kill since the early 1990's, and very little seems to have been done to catch the murderers does not bode well.
    Having visited South Africa, I have to say it is a beautiful country, however there is definitely a feel that it could blow up at any moment. When we listened to the radio it was one murder after another. Each house seemed to be protected like Fort Knox, and everyone employed armed security firms to protect their properties.
    I have also worked with a number of young white south africans in the UK, and one of the reasons they come over is to get the get out of jail free card (Can apply for UK passport after 5 years) if South Africa does fall apart. The stories they have of being robbed at gunpoint, and carjacked are horrific, but seem to be water off a ducks back to them. They all seem to know someone, or a friend of a friend that has been murdered.

  • Comment number 5.

    Surely, for South Africa to become unstable it needs to have been stable in the first place?

    South Africa for years now has been on the road to ruination - corrupted by greed, indigenous and tribal rivalries, poverty, disease, crime and drugs.

    Sadly, the Rainbow Nation will surely go the way of Zimbabwe - spoilt by the ingrates who have taken over the running of the country and who will strip it bare of wealth and prosperity for the sake of lining their own pockets with gold.

  • Comment number 6.

    Do I think South Africa is still racially divided?


  • Comment number 7.

    South africa is more divided and has more crime than it ever had, but instead of a black-white divide it is now a tribal divide. It is funny how we get very little news from South Africa these days, because it is all bad, we used to live there and still have friends there who tell the truth.

    The people who campaigned against apartheid are silent now, and I am not surprised because they have nothing to be proud of. The average black citizen is much worse off today than 30 years ago, when they had free school, free healthcare and most of all A JOB!!! What have they got now? you may say freedom, but it is only the freedom to suffer and starve and be exploited by a corrupt black government who care nothing for them.

  • Comment number 8.

    Not sure if the killing will lead to instability as the country is already unstable. Ever since Mandela took the Presidency, the country has been in decline as the parties that have come to power since seem to want SA to go the way of all other African countries, a land of corrupt leaders and starving people.

    Its a great shame to see this once great and beautiful country going the way that it is.

  • Comment number 9.

    Yes, the country is still racially divided and always will be.

    The ruling ANC reacted with fury to the banning of the song, "Kill the Boer, kill the farmer," sending a clear message that these sacred symbols of the "Struggle" must not be tampered with. It would have been such a small compromise to have accepted the banning in good grace and moved on in the interests of good relations between the races. The ANC reaction is especially disturbing in the light of the frequent brutal murders of white farmers with the goal of driving whites off the land.

    It is an unfortunate fact that black South Africans have betrayed the trust placed in them by people worldwide when Nelson Mandela came to power. More importantly they have betrayed their fellow white South Africans who remained in the country in the hope of racial harmony and peace.

  • Comment number 10.

    Will Terreblanche death lead to instability in South Africa?
    There may be violence; Terreblanche's death may be the focal point; but in fact the black/white divide has always cut the tender unity of South Africa.
    Eugene Terreblanche - founder of the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB - Afrikaner Resistance Movement): At its height the AWB only had @ 70,000 members. Also, the AWB popularity never leaked out of the South African North, plus a dribbling of supporters in urban areas. So, I doubt that AWB has the numbers to go fomenting any sort of wild & terrible act of vengeance.
    Lastly, Terre’Blanche himself was a born again Christian (converted during his prison sentence); so, any subsequent action to his murder that does not bespeak his new beliefs would be an insult to his memory, and that can only be accomplished by a lot of "Boers" - not acting in Terreblanches's name, but using him as an excuse.

  • Comment number 11.

    The death of this racist can only mean good things for South Africa. If you have any doubt about the hatred, bigotry and ignorance he and his supporters generate, I suggest you look at the *tributes* on sites such as FaceBook. Such investigation also reveals just how many fervent racists are still active in the UK, under the guise of various lobbying bodies.

  • Comment number 12.

    Considering that the ruling party of South Africa had, until weeks ago, one of its anthems called "Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer", this should come as no surprise to anyone. This once great country will be the New Zimbabwe in a generation.

  • Comment number 13.

    The ANC has done very little to improve the lot of peopkle living in townships. Their main interest appears to be enriching themselves and their cronies; Zimbabwe déjà vu.

  • Comment number 14.

    I've visited South Africa on several occasions in the past few years as a tourist. I've loved meeting with the friendly optimistic people there, both coloured and white.

    Now sadly I sense that the mood is changing for the worse. South Africa seems to be going along the same trail that Zimbabwe followed. I very much fear that the country of South Africa will destroy itself as it turns on its indigenous white population.

    When Mandela was leading the country there was hope, but now that leadership has changed to be replaced by envy and corruption. Terreblanche's politics were those of a political dinosaur and I did not agree with them. However I have to say that despite the protestations of "horror" from the current leadership, it feels like there was implicit approval of his murder from government figures in South Africa.

    It is so sad, my only hope is that I'm wrong.

  • Comment number 15.

    South Africa suffered the apartheid period. We were assured that once the bad people behind this were no longer in power then the Unity ethos and reconciliation would be there to forgive and help people to live together in peace harmony and mutual wealth. Yes there was a great deal of money spent on show trials and the forgiveness of transgressors. Mainly white! Media reports of tribal based killings must be exaggerated!
    The problem with South African government changeover is a problem that has been seen in many African lands after the removal of the once dominant normally white colonial classes of the civil service. Those who replace them lack experience; they could not gain this as they were not permitted by the colonial class and their personal political position. They may have the intelligence, the education and the best will in the world. But they do not know the system! They try to make things better but are unclear on how things are interrelated. Doing this affects that like so! They have not been brought up in such large and complex arenas such as state politics, they were not permitted to be! Where more gradual change has followed the planned removal of the colonial power the indigenous population has fared better. Heads of Departments and Ministers understand what the ramifications of a decision are because of years of experienced and being trained in the job and system.
    In South Africa there was a sudden African promotion to areas of power. Many are good people working for the best, others are time served “trusted friends” due a reward.
    Under the whites there was prosperity, where there is money and work there is less unrest, crime and hatred. When the economy is mishandled through misunderstanding, incompetence, corruption, external affects or a mixture, poverty results. All people seek someone to blame. (cf Europe/USA and the financial collapse, the bankers came in for a lot of blame!)
    Those who are blamed hide, flee, or have in the past - died, or now may fight back! If the White Supremacists do this they will be slaughtered! They cannot “retaliate”, they must accept!

  • Comment number 16.

    I just want to know when has South Africa ever been without racism? It's wors now than before 1994!!!! Just look at all the farm killings and the hateful protests, get Malema out of the sistem he is the poison that will cause the next war and this time South Africa will not survive it. Mr Terreblanche was killed by animals and you can be sure there will be consequences. This is a sad day for South Africa!!!

  • Comment number 17.

    Well, this murder of a despicable white 'extremist' sends a message to the world that there is no law or order in South Africa?

    Any potential tourist who is 'white' or 'non-black', or mixed race, may naturally assume that South Africa is a country that hates all whites, or mixed race from all global tourists?

    There are, increasingly, no go areas of all African States? These African states receive £millions from UK Gov and UK charities - yet UK citizens are NOT WELCOME IN SOUTH AFRICA? Why is that?

  • Comment number 18.

    Will his killing trigger racial violence?

    LOL, your having a laugh.

    South Africa is already one of the most dangerous places to live on this planet.It is hugely tribally racist and even colour racist with over 3000 farmers being murdered since 1994, & thats ONLY farmers, it doesnt include non farmer white people murdered, or asians that are also murdered in large numbers by South Africas black population.

    South Africa is factually more dangerous than many war zones, last available 6 years of UN figures = Iraq deaths around 87,000 to 89,000, South Africa 115,000.

    The difference is that South Africa IS NOT at war.

    The difference is that South Africas poulation is only around 40 million, hence as percentage per population, murder & rape & robbery rates are MUCH worse than USA or Mexico or Brazil.

    I think South Africa is not much different to Zimbabwe. It seeks to take land owned by white farmers but is doing so in a not so substantial open and provacative way.

    1 other thing, where are all the loud mouth European liberalists who condemned white rule in South Africa and Africa as a whole, when now due to Africans being in control of their own destiny, they choose that destiny to murder and rape in vastly greater numbers than under white government rule.
    South Africa is actually more brital & violent today than under apartheid.UN & other world figures do NOT lie.
    The reality is that blacks murdering whites are kept quiete & UK & west media hardly ever report on reality of racist murders in Africa.

    Even Africas endemic racism is described in media as "tribal" or "inter tribal" when it is still FACTUALLY racism, one race of people murdering another, be it they are both of black race.

    Thats exactly what it was when Zimbabweans were brutally murdered not long ago.

    I have little hope for S Africa, except for it gradually turning into a mirror image of Zimbabwe. For goodness sake South Africas president had a shower after sex with a woman to ensure he did not have aids or to get rid of it.

    This incident I think will be a trigger for increased violence. NOT a place where I would hold a football match, let alone a world cup competition.

  • Comment number 19.

    Have to agree with #1, when exactly was South Africa ever "stable"?

  • Comment number 20.

    What is happening in South Africa is what will be happening in the UK in a few years time. Mixed race cultures do not work, despite what the Liberals say. Just look at the knife and gun crime in Londan now compared with a few decades ago.

  • Comment number 21.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 22.

    Terreible who?

  • Comment number 23.

    There is SO much hate in that country ... I would never want to go there, even if I won a free holiday. I know there are good people there too, in all races, culture & religion. Everything there just seem to be extreme!

  • Comment number 24.

    All this user's posts have been removed.Why?

  • Comment number 25.

    Someone once said South Africa is like the most beautiful sun ripened friut, but is rotten to its core. I do not beliEve this as a South African. I adore this country and its people. I have seen and experienced much warmth and goodness from my fellow South Africans, the vast majority of whom are good people. A creature of great negative and violent outlook and behaviour has been murdered - MR "ET". It was wrong that this happened. He himself is of no significance politically, he should not have been murdered. Revenge will achieve only a perpetual cycle of violence and hatred.

    We must chrerish, nurture and protect our youth and instill meaningful values in them. We presently have no knoWledge of how the alleged killers were possibly mistreated and abused by the white racist supremacist "baas".


  • Comment number 26.

    What did Nelson Mandela actually acheive?

  • Comment number 27.

    South Africa was a better, safer country for black and white when Nelsono Mandela was in jail.

  • Comment number 28.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 29.

    21. Wu Shu,

    So who are you - oppressor or oppressed? Israel is not an apartheid country, no matter how hard people try to push that lie. Israel Arabs do not live in an apartheid state. If you knew anything about actual South African apartheid or Israel you would know that. The Palestinians are not Israelis so they cannot be suffering from Israeli "apartheid" when you think about it.

    17. corum-populo-2010 wrote:

    I don't think the average SA criminal cares much where you are from, as long as you have something they want. There is a tremendous amount of black on black crime as well and whites who complain are often told not to be "racist" because everyone suffers from crime in SA. That is a fallacious argument of course because whites suffer disproportionately from crime.

    11. Bibi wrote:

    "The death of this racist can only mean good things for South Africa."

    I see, so get rid of all the white racists in SA and everything will be fine? That's an argument from the old South Africa. You'll still be faced with the problem of what to do about the black racists, don't forget.

  • Comment number 30.

    It seems Eugene Terreblanch has achieved more in death than he ever did in life. His untimely and violent death has focused the eyes of the world on the travesty that is South African politics. At last the terrible truth is beginning to come out and even the white liberal press, paralysed as they are by white guilt, are having to take notice. The ANC are not only incompetent and corrupt but now it is clear that there hidden agenda is genocide of the white race in South Africa.

  • Comment number 31.

    If you are a tourist you would not wish to visit South Africa?

    There are, of course, celebrities who are welcome and heavily protected by security?

    What does that say about South Africa - a nation and government taking £billions and $billions yet the government ministers and their 'flunkies' are fat and rich and unaccountable?

    Until ALL African State Ministers and Governments stop 'free-loading' and stop allowing their 'tribes' to increase genocide, then we will never, ever donate to corrupt charities?

    Have you ever seen a starving, poor or illiterate African politician? NO! Go figure the corruption and racism among races and tribal genocide amongst ALL AFRICAN NATIONS? THESE AFRICAN GOVERNMENTS OF AFRICAN NATIONS ARE A TOTAL AND DISGUSTING DISGRACE?!

  • Comment number 32.

    Terreblanche and his cronies killed with impunity Blacks and Anti-Apartheid Activists carte blanche.

    They are now an insignificant bunch with links to groups like the BNP here.

  • Comment number 33.

    Terreblanche was the spokesperson for the African Whites who have lived in South Africa for generations, his views on integration were the ones that got him into trouble with the Blacks. The Whites have invested their work, money, ideas and set a standard of living that is higher than any other African country in the continent, so they have much invested into South Africa, the only way to expect a peaceful situation is to arrest these killers and process them through the court systems. The militant blacks should also realize that their actions will bring out the worst from the Whites who continue to live in South Africa. I can see a picture of the survival of the fittest taking over if Zuma is unable to bring calm, justice and integration into the society. It is very sad that people killed Terreblanche, people need to forgive and move-on, rather than live in the past anger and future destruction.

  • Comment number 34.

    .... Visit South Africa.....

    ................ it's posssible....

    PS: One gets what plants has seeded... you can't have wheat if you planted corn...

  • Comment number 35.

    Despite the old far right portraying this man as a hero, he was a racist and openly admitted it. His death was inevitable, it was only a matter of time. I remember seeing The Leader, His Driver and the Driver's Wife, Nick Broomfield, 1991. Terreblanche was a white supremacist and he came across as a total lunatic, good riddance.

  • Comment number 36.

    Just another ignorant black African government incapable of and unfit for governance. That's the reality but not to be voiced in PC circles. Just another Zimbabwe

  • Comment number 37.

    26. Edwin Schrodinger wrote:

    "What did Nelson Mandela actually acheive?"

    Well he was imprisoned for 27 years, mostly under harsh conditions, and emerged without bitterness to lead the nation. He was a dignified statesman with real presence combined with a humble attitude and I doubt that South Africa will ever see a leader of his stature again.

    But he had his failings. He was a free man when the mutual slaughter between the mostly-Xhosa ANC and Zulu Inkatha was becoming endemic but he did little or nothing to try to stop it, preferring to travel to the worlds capitals while South Africa burned, or threatened to burn.

    To really unify that violent country was beyond even him, so I believe he achieved little.

  • Comment number 38.

    DoleBoy so why don't you start killing your racist black people inside your country too?

  • Comment number 39.

    Did Hitler's death lead to instability? In any case, he was a -- oops, I was going to use the N-word, in which case this post would surely have been blocked as on previous occasions -- er, may I say Hitler was an extreme right-wing racist lunatic? is that permitted or will I be blocked for that too? ...
    Terreblanche, like Hitler, deserved to be killed many times over. And the Na... oops, the extreme right-wing racist nutters who mendaciously profess to believe that the "white race" (there's a disgusting expression to begin with) is being subjected to genocide are just ignoring what the word "genocide" means.
    On a related subject, Israel is a **perfect** example of an apartheid state, despite the sophistries of certain people who support the Israeli racist system.

  • Comment number 40.

    South Africa was always a mess. You had Bantu tribes invading being racist against Xhosa tribes. Then you had first the Portuguese passage, then the Dutch one and Dutch people installing/invading there being racist to both with the tribe of Zulus. The English invading and being racist to all, Dutch, Bantus and Xhosa and killing pretty much anyone, and putting especially the Zulus fighting against the Dutch - and it is these fights that British seeded betwen these two that installed the rivalry between Afrikaaners and Zulus. On any other case a more mild case of colonialism would had happened without too much opposition. Of course the British brought in the Indians too so now everyone can hate everyone.

    Terreblanche was a racist. He rather called for the division of lands and societies. Well that is something that is anyway done not only in South Africa but pretty much in UK and USA and so on... did not see the British Royal family intermarrying with Jamaicans... in fact they refuse to do that even with English people, they do it only among themselves.

    So racism is everywhere and Terreblanche is the last hole of the clarinet.

    I am not sad about him. He could had been killed earlier and for his ideas not for a money dispute. But South Africa is a condemned state and it is a vision of future that "some" want to impose globally. The rich (of whatever background) living in vast lands profiting from their resources and protected by private armies and the poor (of whatever background) being left out killing each other for next-to-nothing things.

  • Comment number 41.

    Many of the comments here reflect what I discovered locally in South Africa shortly after Mandela came to power. Disgruntled apartheid supporters bemoaning the loss of their power. Of course it was in degrees. The most extreme were Africaans less so in other white nationalities and also by age, the younger whites being more willing to accpet change. Sure there is much wrong with South Africa as there is in most nations. I have travelled a lot to South Africa both on business and as a tourist and love it. Sure you have to be careful in some areas, but name a city almost anywhere that doesn't have it's dodgy areas.
    There are extremists on all sides and it's up to the majority to make sure they don't come to power.

    As for the AWB, the only time I was ever scared in South Africa was when I drove through a town where there was a rally by these Neo Nazis. It was just like Berlin just before the 2nd World War.

    As for the main question, yes there is racial division, and the government must do everything they can do to stamp it out. I am white and was warmly welcomed by all racial types. What a wonderful mix there is, a true Rainbow Nation.

  • Comment number 42.

    What did Malcolm X say, something to do with the fact the Whites are actually a minority not the blacks? Given the northward Migration of Africans we might soon see the intermarrying of the Royal family with a Jamaican as someone put it. Whites are after all only a genetic mutation, so are blondes. I think the sad part of all this is that I don't want to see a monochromatic world.

  • Comment number 43.


    The ANC have not condemned Malema’s singing of kill the Boer kill the farmer this has increased racial tensions.

    South Africa has been liberated for 20 years and laws have been cast in stone to exclude whites from the economy.
    When Nelson Mandela was released from prison 20 years ago he promised equal opportunities for all South Africans irrespective of colour, a truly non racial system. This guaranteed you the right to equality, the right to human dignity, the right to freedom of expression. The ANC have not lived up to this and instead created BEE, Black economic empowerment a racist system.
    When you refer to BLACK it immediately becomes racist. BEE is a racist program and it is time the government ends this system before it destroys this country, let’s look at our kids very few of us have our kids in this country due to the lack of opportunities and this racist program. School pupils who started their schooling in 1994 are been discriminated against because of the colour of their skin (white). The average school curriculum is 12 years, our kids are in their second 12 year term, white kids at the end of this will have fewer opportunities than their school mates, yet they have grown up and socialized over this period. We lack skills due to so many people leaving due to this racist system.
    White Businesses are been disadvantaged in tender proceeding as they do not comply with this racist program and have to adhere to a points system calculated on Black empowerment.
    We only have to look at service delivery to see how BEE has destroyed the education system, health, power, roads. South Africa is heading for a disaster with our rivers and drinking water. The problems we face are endless due to BEE; the government needs to be accountable.
    I note with interest that White females are no longer credited as been historically disadvantaged, is this because it started to compromise the system and add some favour to white women as members of a business.
    The time has come to campaign against this racist BLACK empowerment system and create equal opportunities for all citizens in South Africa.

  • Comment number 44.

    I think South Africa is still racially divided which is very sad after all the effort and sacrifice made by such heroes as Nelson Mandela.

    Terreblanche was a nasty piece of work ,who I am surprised lived so long.

  • Comment number 45.

    I have always maintained that the AWB reflects the dark, cowardly, and nihilistic aspect of much of Afrikanerdom. After all, compare their reactionary, and narrow-minded behaviour to that of what I would call the real representatives of a young, vibrant and intellectually competent nation, generals Louis Botha and Jan Smuts and academics and scientists like Jan Hofmeyer and Chris Barnard. Eugene Terreblanche was a nasty, bigotted, and stupid little pest. This, of course, is beside the point. Terreblanche has been murdered and there is a huge wave of opinion which links this murder to the behaviour of certain members of the ANC.
    Take now the situation from the other side. The likes of Robert Sobukwe, Walter Sisulu, Oliver Tambo, Nelson Mandela and, yes, even the denialist and hypocritical purveyor of New African paradigms, Thabo Mbeki and compare them with the behaviour of a half-naked, polygamist singer and dancer who giggles and smiles and mumbles and stutters but who can never say anything of importance without obscuring it behind paragraphs of nonsense whilst performing his half savage dance calling for a machine gun. He has a side-kick too, the cad who apparently is the leader of the ANCYL , a certain Juilius Malema; he too sings and struts and cannot put together a lucid, logical sentence of more than three words. Do these two vaudeville-routine clowns really represent all that is great and good in the development of our blighted country into something worthy being a citizen of?
    Does my comment answer your question about racism? Probably not; but I would say this: the AWB is nothing but a bunch of cowards seeking a drinking hole-- much of their behaviour is illegal and can be handled by any competent court and,left to themselves they will disappear into well-earned obscurity. The A.N.C. is a different organisation and its behaviour must be regarded as inflammatory in the extreme as ilustrated by a man (our president) who many U.K. newspapers characterised as a "vile buffoon" together with a Youth League leader who incites mayhem by singing "kill the boer" and who is now visiting the murderous Mugabe in Zimbabwe whilst villifying the MDC's Tsvangarai.
    I suspect that the average (black)wage -earner in SA is beginning to see through the charades and empty promises of a thoroughly incompetent and venal plutocracy and that the plutocracy has seen this. There is no longer any doubt in my mind that SA has gone beyond the point of no return and the econmic and human consequences will will make Zimbabwe look like a picnic. Thank God I educated my children in Holland and they will never return

  • Comment number 46.

    South Africa has always been potentially or actually unstable from the mid 19th Century onwards. Not even the whites got along or loved one another. Remember there were two and not just one Boer War. Mandela tried to reconcile the irreconcilable and in the meantime South Africa has become a lawless and corrupt land with the highest murder rate in the world. Many western corporations do not allow their employees to stay there overnight. They fly in & out on the same day. The Rainbow Republic only existed as an ideal. It's now totally dead and SA will eventually fall apart and become another basket case like the rest of Black Africa. Watch out for land reform as in Zimbabwe. 3,000 white SA farmers have been murdered since 1990. Many black South Africans admire Mugabe and want to see more of his policies in SA. In the end we shall see a white exodus as they are forced to leave the country simply to survive. Many have already gone. Their leaving will accelerate the collapse.

  • Comment number 47.

    I'm not condoning murder, but surely one less white supremacist in the world is a good thing?

  • Comment number 48.

    If Terreblanche's killing does lead to more racial violence, it will be the white supremacists who cause it. The elimination of a foul racist like Terreblanche should only help matters. One more dinosaur of apartheid South Africa gone. What poetic justice that a man who advocated violence should die in a violent manner.

  • Comment number 49.

    39 Spyglasswill, please stop all this nonsense. Hitler was a member of the NSDAP which he subsequently took over. What was the Nazi movement was taken over by him did not publish Mein Kampf, Hitler did and Terreblanche was no where near as bad as him. He may have been an obnoxious man but then there are many of them and they come from all persuasions and Hitler was certainly no worse than Stalin, just less clever and never forget the suffering in China under Mao or in spain under Franco. The instability comes from the fact that the tribal territories do not equate with the colonial ones and Africans are not incapable of their own grudge fests and that has been bubbling away for decades.

  • Comment number 50.

    Yes South Africa is unstable, but Terreblanche was a dangerous white supremacist. I'm glad Apartheid is over. I also hope that the corrupt leaders of SA, white or black, soon get what they deserve. However, I'm not going to defend anyone like Terreblanche by referring to any economic or political chaos that there may be in SA now. Both are bad.

  • Comment number 51.

    No matter how much the white liberals of the international community like to portray the black African as being politically and socially sophisticated and hold up Nelson Mandella as an example the reality is that the overwhelming majority, including most leaders, are still tribally primitive,backward. and racist.

    I certainly have no truck with what Terreblanche and apartheid represented but was that any worse than Rwanda, Uganda the Congo and what Mugabe has done in Zimbabwe?

    The blacks of Rhodesia, as it was under Ian Smith, enjoyed a standard of living greater than any other on the continent. Now look at what the madman Mugabwe has done for Zimbabwe and all of it's people, apart from his henchmen. The country has been raped by corrupt, ignorant and primitive racist leadership. SA is going the same way.

    These African politicians may wear expensive suits, shirts and ties and have their private jets and Swiss bank accounts but still, with perhaps a few exceptions, nevertheless have a tribal jungle mentality; with Idi Amin being another prime example.

    So irrespective of whether Terreblanche had it coming or not, the underlying reality of the incapability of black Africans for government remains the same. Would I allow a ten year old to run the country?

  • Comment number 52.

    Eugene who...?

    This man was a relic from a bygone age. Nothing he or his diminishing band of diehards did or said was relevant to the new South Africa. Why should one drop of blood be shed for him?

  • Comment number 53.

    47. At 3:11pm on 05 Apr 2010, its_dave_here wrote:
    I'm not condoning murder, but surely one less white supremacist in the world is a good thing?

    Well that seems pretty much to me that you are condoning murder?

  • Comment number 54.

    32. JohnP,

    Terreblanche never murdered anyone, though he was a total racist. He and his group made a lot of noise but they were always small and insignificant in the old South Africa.

    35. DoleBoy,

    A death like that is never justified. Though he was elderly, his killers were too cowardly to take him on face to face and bludgeoned and hacked him to death in his sleep.

    39. spyglasswill,

    Sorry to disappoint you but it is not only "extreme right-wing racist nutters" who believe that whites in South Africa are facing genocide - or at least ethnic cleansing as a prelude. Since the early nineties there have been over three thousand murders of white farmers by blacks in an effort to drive them off the land. The extreme brutality and frequency of these murders, as well as the constant brutal murders of other whites is obviously a cause for concern.

    The old fantasy about the post-apartheid "Rainbow Nation" with harmony between the races has been proven to be an absurdly optimistic concept. And it is black South Africans who have provided the proof.

    It is so easy to make a statement like this: "Israel is a **perfect** example of an apartheid state." It's a lot harder to provide evidence for it. I guess that is why you haven't.

  • Comment number 55.

    This man was no angel, he was as terrible as his name sounds. Only a fool will shed his blood for him. But when you think of the group he led, I will not be surprised if they go AWOL! South Africa has never been as peacesful as people may thing. Drugs, robbery and the lot. And Jacob Zuma has time for sex than anything else.

  • Comment number 56.

    Early indications are that this will have been another crime committed in a crime-ridden society whose ghosts of the past live on.
    Eugene Terreblanche was the embodiment of one such ghost, himself unable, unwilling or simply too hardened a personality to begin to contemplate the complete end of racially based prejudice.

    Even if some of his concerns regarding the plight of the Afrikaner white tribe might find a degree of reasoning from an historical, sociological, numerical standpoint, his methods, actions, symbols and speech would never help advancing whatever cause.
    Not in South Africa, not anywhere.

    It is a sad fact that his violent passing away should have occurred now.

    For many years to come nation-building, a bonding between South Africans of all extractions is vital to the collective success of the country across every sphere of daily activity.

    I don't think his death will increase instability as most South Africans never took him and his followers seriously anyway.

    That said, the connection being made between farm killings and apartheid-era lyrics openly sung by ANC members should prompt the government to take a stand based on sound judgment.

    Inflammatory language whoever used by in public should be banished in a society that successfully accomplished truth and reconciliation far beyond an optimist's best expectations.

    "He who lives by the sword dies by the sword" appears to fit in tightly as Eugene Terreblanche's trajectory is brought to an abrupt finish.

    As an individual he won't be missed by most.

    The larger issues South Africa is permanently challenged with remain.

  • Comment number 57.

    South Africa seems to be steeped in racial conflict between the black majority and the whites who are in the minority. The white population believe they are sidelined in the post-Apartheid era where ANC rules. ANC doesn't seem to be able to bridge the divide between the blacks and the whites. in fact, the ANC is further deepening the divide by "abusing" the white population. Should there be a partition of territory in South Africa? No! If only South Africa has a unifying ideology like my country Indonesia does, called Pancasila (pronounced: Pancha-seela) created by former President Soekarno of Indonesia, then the mess won't happen in the first place. My country is an immense archipelago not a land mass country like South Africa. My country has 220 million inhabitants yet Indonesians coexist with each other peacefully regardless of big differences in religious, racial, ethnic backgrounds. Shame on you South Africa, you little country, for having petty conflicts between your own citizens. Learn from Indonesia with its Pancasila ideology. Pancasila means: the five basic principles (of Indonesian life). The first namely: Belief in God The Almighty (this principle incorporates all of the religions in Indonesia). Second: A just/fair humanity embraced by Indonesia. Third: Unity of Indonesia (above everything else to be adhered to by and within Indonesian society). Fourth: Democracy through the guiding wisdom of the representatives of the Indonesian people. Fifth: Social justice for all Indonesians. By adhering to these five basic principles, Indonesians have managed to distance themselves from social conflict for many years. I think that South Africa should have its own version of Pancasila in order to build social cohesion between the majority blacks and the white minority. Good luck in trying!

  • Comment number 58.

    South Africa is slipping inexorably towards becoming another Rhodesia - er, sorry, Zimbabwe. Apartheid may have been an unacceptable extreme but it was naive to think that all the problems were solved when apartheid ended. They had only just begun and the rest of the world looked on at Nelson Mandela through rose tinted spectacles because he was a "very nice man" which enabled the "new" regime to think it was all very easy.

    There is a general assumption that racism is a one way street; that it's only perpetrated by whites onto blacks. Nobody takes account of tribalism; nobody takes account of racism from blacks to whites, to Asians, to Arabs and from Asians to blacks, to Arabs, to whites and from Arabs to everybody else ad infinitum. It's a universal part of the human condition and will not go away simply by wishing it, or worse still, by "putting the boot on the other foot". It's time to throw away the specs. South Africa is doomed. And holding the world cup there will not solve it!

  • Comment number 59.

    Re42: Eeee... no. White race is not a minority, blacks are the minority in the world. In fact what you mean as white race is the 3rd biggest of the "generic" races. First is the yellow (mongoloid, or whatever you call it), 2nd is the (Indo-dravidian, i.e. the mix of Iranoid and Dravidian people in India) and the third is the "white" race.

    However, if we go to details, the white race simply does not exist since the 3 largest generic tribes, the Mediterraneans (the most ancient in Europe), the Nordics, and the Slavs they are not that much closely related with each other to be so closely related.

    In fact Slavs have too Asiatic influence (Mongolic and Iranian) and that actually is even more pronounced to Baltics and Finnish (on the Mongolic side). This Asiatic influence of course extends to Nordics too - you just have to check the Swedish and the Norwegians who even today have clear mongolic influence.

    The original European races can be seen as the Celtics and Mediterraneans who in their turn have influenced coastal Middle East and North Africa rather than the opposite as some 19th century Nordic writers claimed to explain the lack of ancient history for their beloved Nordics.

    Anyway, if we bunch all that group of people as one race - something impossible that only the anglosaxons managed to do to explain their colonial regimes and to tell to the world via the completely idiotic Indo-european theory (it is not a theory, it is a circus) that they are the best of the best - this "white" race is certainly more populous than the Black race but much less populous than the Indo-Dravidian and Mongoloid.

    So whenever you talk about white-black it is just completely stupid and it is not of any business other than the business of Americans (even there, the non-black, non-white hispanics are more than the blacks so this perceived struggle gets less and less relevant).

    Black too is as idiotic as "white" since Bantus and Xhosas are as black a French and Japanese are white.

    Now, Dutch, German and French colonists (the Boers) arrived around 1600-1650 in South Africa at a time when the Bantus were only 500 year there. The original habitants of South Africa were the Xhosa and all those Bushmen related tribes.

    Hence, if whites should get out then I guess Bantus should get out too to leave only the Bushmen who are the original habitants.

    Far from trying to spot who is the racist and who is not, what happens right now to South Africa is that the state had remained quite away from international market but there is hell a lot of ressources to take there so international preditors are falling in to get their chop.

    If to take their ressources will have to drive out the Xhosa, the Zulus, the Boers, the Indians it does not matter, it will be done to steal these lands. The white people are not persecuted for being racists (and they are either if they are violent or peacefull - same with black people of course). They are not left unprotected to be driven out and give the lands to black and bushmen people. All the issue is to drive out these boers to get cheaply their large plots of land for future industrial exploitation by the internatinal groups.

    ... implying of course that the local black and bushmen people will continue to be slaves to masters they won't be seeing this time in front of them.

  • Comment number 60.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 61.

    28. At 2:20pm on 05 Apr 2010, Shaunie Babes wrote:
    >> Lets face it, Africa will only achieve greatness when all those white people who have been holding it back have left.

    I think it's been tried in some African countries. It was done in Uganda in the 1970s, and isn't there one called Zim- something where more recently they kicked out or dispossessed almost all the Whites? Remind me; how did those work out?

    Seriously, it's tribalism that holds Africa back, pure and simple. The white man has done them few favours for sure, but it's their refusal or inability to abandon tribalism and embrace the nation state model that holds them back. The vast majority of Africa's woes stem from that.

    If Africans truly do aspire to higher living standards and an improved future, then the price is leaving tribalism behind: If they can't do that (and no, we should not and cannot force them to) then we should - give or take the odd disaster relief effort - leave them to it.

    I paraphrase Jimmy Carter: 'We're sick of taxing the poor people in our rich countries just so we can donate aid that ends up with the rich people in poor countries'.

    Alan T

  • Comment number 62.

    By racial violence does this mean the genocide going on daily against white-Africans by black Africans? For some reason this genocide has been down-played or outright ignored by the media. Sure there are two sides, but the one mentioned above so highly outweighs white-African racist attacks on black-Africans as to be shocking and disgusting.

  • Comment number 63.

    I think we will be okay. There is a big middle ground here in SA terms of race. Most people are getting on just fine, at least here in Joburg.

    The biggest problem that needs addressing right now is that Julius Malema must be severely disciplined and silenced. He is just so out of line, and really poisoning race relations in general, and setting back gains we have made in developing goodwill and a non-racial society. He turns every issue into an anti-white tirade.

    I write this as a legacy ANC supporter. But many feel this way, of all races.

  • Comment number 64.

    Rhodesia ceased being a civilized nation in 1980 and South Africa went the same way in 1994. Africa is just reverting to the "Dark Continent" that it was in the 19th century.

  • Comment number 65.

    this is sad news for a white football fan planning to visit SA for world cup. Should I wear I sign 'Please do not kill me, I am not a white Boer farmer, just a white football fan'.
    Besides the sarcasm, the Government is highly irresponsible to allow this kind of behavior by the ANC.

  • Comment number 66.

    Even though I have never been a fan on Eugene Terreblanch, I do feel rather sad at his passing and in particular, the manner in which he died. Being an Afrikaner (boer) myself it would seem that we just have to keep on fighting and dying for the right to exist peacefully and independently. An enlish person once told me, "you white people don't belong in SA, it's not your country" I felt very sad as I feel very very much african in my heart. Where, then might I ask, do we belong? if white people don't belong in SA then would it be wrong to conclude that white people don't belong in Australia? I don't agree with any form of extreemism, but when Eugen Terreblanch died I felt that even more of my "voortrekker" history died as well. He was at least proud of his heritage and tried to preserve it. My forefarthers not so long ago actually tried to brake free from Enlish rule and treked over the the continent to discover the northern provinces. We were then followed by the English and 28000 women and children died in concentration camps. We are now fighting for our place in the sun again.

    Preaching hate and influencing other people to commit violence is a very cerious crime. Will this Malema ever understand the pain senseless violence causes when your mother, father, brother or sister is murdered for a mobile phone? Does he understand that he is preaching hate and causing other people to act in a manner in which they would not normally act therefore ruining their prospects of an honest future? The government of South Africa fails to admit that there is an aids crisis crippling its people. Rape victims families are forced to sell everything they own to buy antiviral drugs. Which Doctors preach that if you rape a white baby you will be cured of aids? What is the government doing about these obscene issues?

    Finding a solution for these issues will only be possible if, and only if there is a corrupt free government truly committed in creating a country that is fair, equal and where the senseless murder and rape of people regardless of their skinn colour will not go unpunished.

  • Comment number 67.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 68.

    Not one mention following Zuma's address to this divided, frail Nation that although he called for an end to racial speech, did not dare utter the name of the prime perpetrator propagating white genocide. Malema, in my view, is a "Mini Me".

  • Comment number 69.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 70.

    South Africa never was stable, and never will be. I am a white South African, born in 1971. I saw the writing on the wall 8 years ago, and left with my family. What is happening to my country is heartbreaking and disgusting, but until people, especially the politicians, stop lying; nothing will change. South Africa will simple become Zimbabwe MkII.

    I have been a victim of criminal acts ranging from armed robbery to attempted mugging, from vehicle break-in to vehicle hijacking; on no less than 15 times from 1990 to 2002.

    I have also witnessed the after effects of a murder, and the attempted theft of copper cabling from a live substation (burnt and charred bodies)!

    All of the bloggers that slate ET, and you are right to do so, why are you not equally vitriolic towards Julius Malema and the PAC? They are the current players involved in escalating the racial hatred in South Africa. Is it because they are "black" and you are to PC to criticize?? Or is it easier to take the easier option of attacking a minority group person?

    All of you tourists that have met wonderful black South Africans. Bully for you!! They are the majority. As with ALL racial groups the trouble is stirred up by the minority. The radical racists are in the minority (hopefully) amongst all racial groups, in all countries. These type of stupid statements show that you do not understand or really care about anything that happens outside your country. That is a very NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard - for the not UK residents) attitude, and so bloody typical of the UK!

    South Africa, needs to be sorted out by South Africans, and as the majority are black, then it will be governed as most black states have been: into the ground.

    You can call me prejudiced, racist, whatever; but unfortunately I am not wrong. I feel so passionate about this, because I love my country!! And that can never be wrong!

    Good luck, to all South Africans, we are going to need it!!

  • Comment number 71.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 72.

    66. janeske,

    Good comment. More truth should be aired about what is actually going on in South Africa.

    65. Pino,

    The ANC IS the government. I hope you have an enjoyable trip. It'll probably be OK because security will be tight for the games.

    63. Bruce Gillespie,

    I hear that word "must" so often when the discussion centres around what could/should/might and probably would be done if only...about the situation in SA. I suppose the painful fact is that he is still singing that obscene song. But since Jacob Zuma is OK with singing his "machine gun" song what can be expected?

  • Comment number 73.

    I do not think his death will change anything. He behavior was not tribute to his race in particular and to the human race in general. He was an angry Boer who was abusive to everyone, including his wife, according to reliable sources. I say, good riddance.

  • Comment number 74.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 75.

    There you go chaps. I thought Eugene Terreblanche was a bit of a loose nut but remember he never preached white supremacy but his ideal was white self determination just as muslims all over the world are bombing others for now.So the Empire is happy with the same route that South Africa is following towards racism,selfdestruction and civil war once the whites have left or been killed like Malema sings. Quiet diplomacy was the way with Mugabe's genocide.A murder is still a murder. Just remember that your beautiful United Kingdom will soon have a black/asian majority and then you can experience what we are going through. Enjoy it.

  • Comment number 76.

    Will all the Americans and Europeans coming to the Soccer World Cup take note that in South Africa you will be seen as white and therefore not right............or actually ,yes you will be right to be picked for your wallet,camera and shoes.
    Then please say thank you Malema and Zuma for the having the priviledge of supporting the economy and donating your blood to Africa.

  • Comment number 77.

    He was the worst of the bad in South Africa. I cannot but see only good things resulting from death.

  • Comment number 78.

    Instability? Are you kidding? The country has been spiraling into anarchy since 1994, it's infrastructure decaying, violent crime rampant, AIDS epidemic, ANC corrupt to the core...this event is just another sign of imminent destruction of that country. It will be another Zimbabwe in a few more years. I wish that the FIFA people reconsider carefully whether they want to have the WC down there.

  • Comment number 79.

    "67. At 4:12pm on 05 Apr 2010, samyak gowda wrote:

    For all those whites (read Brits mostly) writing that South Africa is doomed after Whites are no more the masters...

    wait for some time. Give them the time they need.

    India was not very healthy a few decades ago. But, it has turned a corner and it's already racing ahead of your tiny little island. Today, a big percentage of British jobs are produced by Indian companies and Indian investors. (India is the second largest investor in GB).

    Don't be so racist, the world can work and work quite well without white folks."

    Why are you calling people racist because they have stated that SA is going the way of all other African nations? It is a fact that SA began its decline when Nelson Mandela took over power and sadly that decline is continuing and getting worse.

    Don't call people racist for telling the truth.

  • Comment number 80.

    I seriously doubt Terreblanche's murder will lead to instability. Yes, there are racial tensions in South Africa. How could there not be? Apartheid ended 16 years ago but it takes significant time to mend divides between black and white. But progress has been made; let us not forget that. South African has a long way to go; and we are the first to admit that. But painting a picture of a land on the brink of civil war and all-out racism is unrealistic and frankly incorrect. Yes, there are intolerable amounts of violent crime in SA. Yes, there are elements of racism in every day life. Yes, something more needs to be done to create a more stable, more socially acceptable state. But let us not forget where we have come from; and although we are the "rainbow nation" and the "miracle nation", change still takes time.
    There are small groups within SA that fuel and feed past racial tensions; and these groups should be silenced; they are helping no one. The majority of South Africans do not live by colour; we do not live in the revolution or the injustice of the past; we live in the present with inclusion and tolerance.
    Please don't allow a small group of insane radicals shape the view of this land.

  • Comment number 81.

    67. At 4:12pm on 05 Apr 2010, samyak gowda wrote:
    For all those whites (read Brits mostly) writing that South Africa is doomed after Whites are no more the masters...

    wait for some time. Give them the time they need.

    India was not very healthy a few decades ago. But, it has turned a corner and it's already racing ahead of your tiny little island. Today, a big percentage of British jobs are produced by Indian companies and Indian investors. (India is the second largest investor in GB).

    Don't be so racist, the world can work and work quite well without white folks

    Well all I can say is that India is using 'the white mans system of government and business that was taught to them by the despised brits' whereas the Black South Africans are using the 'black mans system of government and business' which does not work.

  • Comment number 82.

    'India was not very healthy a few decades ago. But, it has turned a corner and it's already racing ahead of your tiny little island. Today, a big percentage of British jobs are produced by Indian companies and Indian investors. (India is the second largest investor in GB).

    Don't be so racist, the world can work and work quite well without white folks.'

    If India is such a wonderful country, why do most of its people live in desperate poverty? Why does the UK have to donate £300 million a year to the country? How rich would India be today if the British had stayed until the late 1990s like they did in Hong Kong?

  • Comment number 83.

    For the information of Spyglasswill:

    Genocide is the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group. When the ANC leadership openly encourage there supporters to “Kill the Boer” what else would you call it but incitement to genocide?

    The term race or racial group usually refers to the categorization of humans into populations or ancestral groups on the basis of various sets of heritable characteristics, for example skin colour. Therefore people with white skin constitute a race.

    Terreblanche was indeed an ultra right wing racist nutter and one less of his kind in the world is no bad thing. I, on the other hand have simply lived and worked in South Africa and married a South African woman which makes me concerned for the future of the white ( and coloured for that matter) population of that country. If that makes me a right wing racist nutter, then fair enough.

    Perhaps Spyglasswill should get out a little more and find out what is actually going on in the world. He should certainly invest in a dictionary.

  • Comment number 84.

    South Africa is no Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe even at its worst has not experienced the level of violence seen in South Africa. And for some authors on this forum to even have the gall to suggest that black Zimbabweans enjoyed 'the best living conditions in Africa' is either the height of ignorance or just pure racist diatribe.

    Africa has real problems of peoples stripped of their dignity and had their wealth stolen away only to be passed on to white people. Its no secret that whites on average live better than blacks. Having the so-called 'political independence' placates people only for a while before the realisation that real power revolves on who controls the economy.

    This has been the Zimbabwean problem and is becoming the South African problem. Does the killing of Terreblanche make South Africa less stable? Of course it does! It poisons the environment in an already racially charged atmosphere. Will it degenerate into more violence? Possibly! This is the legacy of a world that attempts to redress injustices perpetrated elsewhere except in Africa by resolving by tackling economic inequalities as well as social justice.

  • Comment number 85.

    deepwater330 wrote:
    47. At 3:11pm on 05 Apr 2010, its_dave_here wrote:
    I'm not condoning murder, but surely one less white supremacist in the world is a good thing?

    Well that seems pretty much to me that you are condoning murder?


    Erm, no, I don't think so!

  • Comment number 86.

    I don't see the possibility this issue distablising South Africa if only the west, the bitter/sweet enemy of the continent doesn't influence the "instability" so that once again an African nation will be said to have failed under African rule just to prove their point that we Africans are incapable of running our own affairs.

  • Comment number 87.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 88.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 89.

    What, they NEED a reason????

  • Comment number 90.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 91.

    Since the black South Africans took control the country has been on a downhill slide from its glory days.

    I think the white South Africans will take a last stand and go out with dignity and honor.

  • Comment number 92.

    The nation already so divided not only on the racial reasons but also on the 'economic ' reasons will certainly face further uncertainities in both these areas.Hope the Govt. is able to control the situation before some thing further untoward happens just before/during the Football WC.

  • Comment number 93.

    South Africa is already unstable; it's only a matter of time before it goes the way of Zimbabwe and becomes yet another African basket case.

  • Comment number 94.

    As an African I choose to tell Mr. Willym that what is going on now in South Africa is beyond spoiled-kids toys(shoes, camera, money)for which he is so concerned. The issue is serious,human lives,heritage and the future of a nation are at stake, if the americans , europeans like they can come to the world cup without their shoes,cameras or wallets but let their be peace in one of Africa's greatest nations.

  • Comment number 95.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 96.

    The ANC does nothing to stop racial divisions in SA. They allow Julius Malema to preach hate against white South Africans.


    This fight is between the racist AWB and the racist Julius Malema and the ones who follow him. The rest of us educated, free thinking South Africans are sick of you and want to get on with building our rainbow nation

  • Comment number 97.

    At 5:03pm on 05 Apr 2010, lovejoy wrote:
    South Africa is no Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe even at its worst has not experienced the level of violence seen in South Africa. And for some authors on this forum to even have the gall to suggest that black Zimbabweans enjoyed 'the best living conditions in Africa' is either the height of ignorance or just pure racist diatribe.


    It's neither. Not gall. It's a fact. Along with all the money that is given by the West to help African economies ending up being spent on arms, lavish lifestyles and Swiss bank accounts while the people go without. So how long does it take the new masters to learn that's not the way to run a country - or does it change because the new master is black?

  • Comment number 98.

    To Gerard Pedrico. I don't think Christians living in Indonesia would agree that it is a Utopia of racial & religious harmony.

  • Comment number 99.

    • >3000 farmers murdered since 1994 – the launching of the so-called Rainbow nation.
    • Some 18 000 murders/annum.
    • Julius Malema, ANC Youth Leader, inciting his followers with “Shoot a Boer” (White farmer) song.
    • The Current ANC government supporting this incitement song.
    • Malema’s predecessor – Mokaba, made popular with his song “Kill a Farmer Kill a Boer”
    • A minister Shiceka declaring war on Whites.
    • 75% of University education is fraudulent (Prof Jansen, Rector University of Free State)

    Anyone out there have confidence in South Africa? Small wonder that most of the educated and talented young people have left the country!

  • Comment number 100.

    You have to be kidding! South African government has been a disaster ever since blacks took control. Name me a black majority country or city that has ever been anything but a disaster and I will will eat my white hat.


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