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Afghan 'banter'...

Greg James | 07:43 UK time, Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Obviously being in a desert, the internet is patchy at best so I'm sorry for the delay on another blog. Rest assured, we're all working our socks off trying to bring you the clearest picture of this place as we can!

Just before I pop off to visit more wonderful people in Camp Bastion.  Here are some of my favourite photos so far from the trip.  Including an incredible night at Main Operating Base 'Lashkar Gah' the other night at the 'Lash Has Got Talent'...Mad night where I got felt up by a bearded man dressed as a lady with balloons as boobs.

This is sunset at the base in one of the look out towers called 'Sangars'.  They look out on the city of Lashkar Gah, protecting people as they go about their daily lives.  I saw some children playing football.  They weren't very good - but the pitch was mainly dust and rocks.


'The stage is set for Lash Got Talent':


Everyone is ready for the big show:
A genuinely moving scene as the choir sing Christmas Carols.  I was very tired so I almost got predictably emotional. I'll never forget that moment though - serenity in a warzone.  The Black Rats choir! Check out the carol sheets:
At the end of my Lashkar Gah visit with Captain Rob and Major Laurence.  At ease, gentlemen:


Sara Cox asked for the classic pose.  Here it is.  Me with the Transport Troop:
They let me drive this.  Unbelivably:

We popped to see the Dental Centre earlier and what a lovely Christmassy bunch they were.  This is me with Jo, Lizzy and Big Dental Dave by the fire.  It's 19 degrees today. The fire is made out of cardboard:

One of the brilliant hard-working ambulance crews:



Phew. That's just a tiny selection. I have got so much stuff I want to show you all!  More fun stuff and another celebrity well-wisher today from 4pm LIVE from Afghanistan!


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  • Comment number 1.


    Great pics. I have a loved one in Gash SSgt Longster, he isn't in any of the pictures as he was being a grumpy bum and didn't come down and see you. The engineers are keeping busy doing a fitness DVD.
    Keep fighting the good fight SSgt Longster, I miss you.
    Stay Safe

  • Comment number 2.

    Great pics please give my love to my son chris nicholls if you should see him hes just gone back after r&r and we miss him so much already ,I think of him and all his comrades all the time wondering how they are what they are doing.
    Keep safe and well


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