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The new show and stuff...

Greg James | 14:32 UK time, Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Hiyaaaaaaa...It felt like the first day of term on Monday.  Starting on the 4-7 show was brilliant but I was a mess at 3:50pm.  A good mess though.  If I hadn't been nervous I think something would be wrong. So, we're off and running and as I've said before, doing this show is an absolute dream - it's the show that I listened to as a lanky spotty teenager that made me want to get into radio. 

We had our first team outing last night to the Rita Ora gig...Last time I was at that venue it was seeing Jessie J before she got massive (not fat...career wise I mean).  There was a simliar feeling last night about Rita I think. Things are about to take off.  I got a shout out at the gig too because 'RIP' (her new single) is my 'Big Thing' this week.  Lots of quotation marks there. I was predictably awkward when she bigged me up because WHAT DO YOU DO?  I put my hand up, waved, everyone turned and looked at me and I just pointed at her.  Coooool.


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