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My niece is useless at Hide and Seek.

Greg James | 11:19 UK time, Monday, 28 November 2011

I was at my nephew's 1st birthday last week and I mentioned that it was my job to look after my niece whilst the attention was all on him so she didn't get upset.

As well as reading her about 10 books, one of them WAY too long, we played the iconic 'Hide and Seek'.  We did the hiding and my mum was doing the seeking. I found some incredible hiding places for me and Pia.  I mean, proper good.  In washing baskets, under beds, I even went in her cot for a bit. 

The problem is that she is TERRIBLE at keeping quiet or still.  I spent at least 10 minutes covering her up in cushions and blankets and before my mum could find her, she would should out 'Nana Rose, here I am'.  I know she's 4 but is it OK to get a little bit annoyed at her or does this just illustrate that I'm no where near ready to have children yet?



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