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Guess who's baaaaaack? Me.

Greg James | 11:50 UK time, Monday, 14 November 2011

Hello lovely people...

Well, well, well...I had a flipping brilliant holiday thanks for asking - did two weeks which feels like AGES - in a good way.

I went away in a very happy mood, it had been a busy time but all worth it and a lot of fun.  Also, it sounds lame but thank you for all bothering to listen and read the blogs and blah blah blah because the listening figures went up which pleased me greatly.  It made the holiday even better.

Did the West coast of America, in a blue Mustang.  All the cliches, but it has to be done.  We felt like Britney in 'Crossroads'.

Drove from San Francisco all the way down the coast road to San Diego and then finished in LA.  The best trip.  Anyone who's done it will know how amazing that drive is.

Some things that happened:

- Got pulled over by the police (cops)

- Fell in love with a Hooters waitress

- Bought the LMFAO robot head from a man on Halloween for 20 dollars

- Ended up at a house party with a man dressed as Sonic The Hedgehog

- Cycled over the Golden Gate bridge and missed the last ferry back to the city

- Asked as many people as possible in LA the question: 'Do any movie stars live near here?'

- Bribed a doorman to let us in a bar that looked quite good.  It wasn't.

Also went to the zoo:




And stayed in some interesting motels:

This was quite a pleasant surprise actually:




Party Rockin:




  • Comment number 1.

    Hi Greg

    Looks like we had similar idea's for our holiday this year!

    I just got back yesterday morning from San Francisco after spending 15 days over there doing similar thing as you got up to!

    Some of the things we got up to included - Hiring a blue Mustang GT (5 litre complete with white stripe), spent time in San Fran (drinking WAY too much) and also hired an RV to travel down to LA and Long Beach... eventually driving back up to San Fran!

    Hope you had as much of a good time as we did!



    (Check out my website for pictures... www.brumhilda69.co.uk)

  • Comment number 2.

    I can't believe you, Greg James! You probably drove right by my house. I would have organised a proper party and invited all my rich and exciting celebrity friends. Call me next time!


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