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I love a three day weekend...

Greg James | 11:47 UK time, Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Dear The Queen,

(I think the Queen sorts out this stuff)  Please may all weekends be three days long? 

Lots of Love,

Greg x


I had a lovely time.  It included a very chilled out Friday night at my mates house playing 'Ashes Cricket' on his generic games console, then an amazingly hot day of relaxing at Hyde Park on Sunday, then a day of being a proper man.  Yesterday, I hired a van.  I cleared out my entire little terrace thing.  About 50 trips up and down the stairs I think - concrete plant pots smashed up, trellis, bags and bags of soil, weeds, bushes.  It was hell.  Looks good though.

The next delightful task was going through 'security screening' at the rubbish dump.  I never knew it was such an event.  I imagine it's what it would be like to enter Buckingham Palace.  Just with a few less bags of compost.  I had to pre-register my van, take 3 forms of ID, wear a high-visibility jacket and then join the queue with London's binmen because my van was 'oversize'.  It was amazing, chatting to the lads as I was chucking bits of trellis and my Christmas tree on the pile.

In any case, I saw this too.  Is it OK to give your dog a visor?



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