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Every day I'm shuffling...

Greg James | 11:54 UK time, Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Had a flipping lovely week off.  Didn't get married in Vegas to a stripper but I did manage to lose $100 in 10 minutes on a Roulette wheel so decided to quit while I was very much behind.

Vegas is a mad place.  It's brilliantly hideous.  Bright, loud, debauched - perfect.  My health challenge for the magazine took a turn for the worse last week.  Vegas is the worst place in the world to be healthy - back on it this week though - the challange is almost done...Phew.

The clubs in Vegas are over the top and straight out of one of my favourite TV shows 'Entourage'. 

Not a bad view from the plane eh?

If you smile sweetly at a stewardess, you can achieve great things.  I should have recieved a small bag of pretzels.  But LOOK!  A PLATE!

The holiday in brief then...I got a bit addicted to frozen margheritas, a man on the street who could rap anyone's name instantly and American TV.  I almost created a security alert with an apple at the airport on the way there and want to find out why people check in bags and then don't get on the plane.  Oh and American girls really do love a British accent. 

5 star:



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