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Bin bags and Biffy...

Greg James | 10:42 UK time, Thursday, 24 March 2011

Brilliant night last night at a chairty gig featuring Biffy Clyro.  They are a PROPER band.  The noise they make is insane, it's full-on, frantic and VERY LOUD.  LOUD NOISES.  I love them a lot - it was odd to see them in such a reserved and 'royal' setting (The Royal Albert Hall) but what a night.  They absolutely nailed that Matt Cardle song, too.

Here are two blokes who seemed to film the whole gig.  Yeaaaah, that's going to be worth watching when they get home:

Phil and Grant?  The one on the left isn't even watching.

 I got home and my neighbours had left their rubbish outside their front door.  I love it when they do that - the smell is so nice.  Yummm, bin gas.



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