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Forgotten everything...

Greg James | 12:18 UK time, Monday, 10 January 2011


So then, off for a couple of weeks and I've forgotten what to do.  It's taken me about 2 hours to try and remember my BBC password.  And no, clever clogs on Twitter, it wasn't 'P@55word'.  Far too clever for me.

Well hello lovely people, it's great to be back.  Had a really brilliant Christmas break, and then flew away to the sunshine for a bit.  Came back, it's 3 degrees and cloudy but on the plus side, England won the Ashes and my mum and dad came over and cleaned my flat.  They are the best. 

Please fill me in on stuff - I feel out of the loop.  What have I missed?  Please let me know below...

Back on in a bit - join me from 1pm?

Yours sincerely,

Greg James



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