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Treading water...

Greg James | 11:21 UK time, Monday, 5 July 2010

Good morning lovely people!  Just wanted to check in and say hello really.  It's been a busy old time so thought I'd give you a little update on stuff, if you're interested!  I'll add a few odd photos from my phone too in a bit...

So then.  Lots has gone on in the last few months and I've been living out of a suitcase for ages due to my new flat not being ready which has been a bit annoying to say the least.  It's all been a little unsettling to be honest with you lovely people.  We've all been there:

suitcase.JPGThe good news is...21st July - I'll be moved in!  It has been pretty good staying with the parents for a bit though, although I thought it would be 3 weeks, not 9.  WOW.  They must be sick of me.  Frustrating too as I haven't seen my mates nearly enough as I should have done either.  I imagine there's a lot of you feeling like this too.  If you've just moved away from a lot of them, no matter how hard you try, it's so hard to meet up regularly isn't it.  I don't think I'm a bad friend.  Maybe a bit.

There is plenty of fun stuff going on, Glastonbury was a beaut, went to a charity cricket dinner for The Lord's Taverners on Thursday with my ladyfriend who ended up nearly winning the cricket quiz - by pure fluke.  She beat some of the most esteemed cricketers in the world and a load of sports journalists.  She knows nothing about cricket.

Suited and booted:

poshnob.JPGWatched a bit of the cricket at Lords on Saturday too, and am looking forward to a week off next week.  Will be nice to just do NOTHING for a few days.  Phone will be off!  Also enjoying filming this new BBC Three documentary at the moment.  Shame I have to take the odd day off to do it but hey ho.

Still enjoying the Big Show more than ever and I love the fact that you all get into it so much.  It's very important as it is all for you! Listening figures (not that you care too much but might as well blow my own trumpet) have been 'through the roof' which is very pleasing).   Thank you for constantly emailing, Tweeting, Facebooking, texting and commenting on this wee blog.  It is all appreciated my dears.


Stayed in this lovely place in Bristol with at the weekend:

whataview.jpgIt did have a nice swimming pool though.  Forgot my trunks so went in with just boxers on.  They definitely didn't fall off when I pushed off for a length.  Definitely not. 

Anyway, best get on with some stuff for today's show.  Another busy week ahead - off out with my big sister tonight for a spot of dinner, a gig and a big catch up tonight, filming in Nottingham on Wednesday, buying a bed and some flooring on Thursday, deejaying in Wales on Friday night and T in The Park this coming weekend.  Summer is the best time of year.  Not for my sweaty pits though.

Think that's enough ramblings for now.  If you find all these emo rambles boring, then please let me know!



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