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Lucky boy...

Greg James | 12:08 UK time, Wednesday, 5 May 2010

I managed to blag my way into watch the legendary music show 'Later...with Jools Holland'

Couldn't believe my luck as Mumford and Sons were on, and you know I've got a little thing for those boys to say the least.  I absolutely loved watching the show go out live last night and many people may have spotted me standing around looking awkward behind Ozzy Osbourne and Iggy Pop (ask your parents. I did)



Now then.  A couple of people on Twitter noticed that I was indeed wearing a denim jacket and therefore achieving the 'double demin' look. 

The TV world is very cut throat and fickle and the shirt I decided to wear was deemed too 'distracting' by the production staff.  Luckily, the bloke next to me lent me his jacket so I could stand there and watch the show.  Good guy.

There you go then.  Standing behind two music legends...wearing double denim.  Just another normal night then.  

Watch the latest show with performances from Mumford and Sons and a stunning singer called 'Joanna Newsom' who I think you'll love - CLICK HERE YOU LOVELY PERSON

It's a very impressive show to watch go out live.  Totally frantic but brilliantly seemless.  An institution. 



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