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Lady Gaga and Chris Tarrant...

Greg James | 18:14 UK time, Monday, 1 March 2010

A busy old weekend, but a good one.  A very good one!  Friday night was spent watching Lady Gaga.  A very impressive show even if the awkward acting was hard to watch at times.  The whole premise was that she was trying to get to the Monster Ball and kept reminding us! "Oh my god, how the hell are we going to get to the Monster Ball?"  I don't care, just play Poker Face.

At one point during the show, she said: "I broke my shoe during that last song, I carried on with it on though as I'd rather die than you see me without heels...that's showbiz".  That made me like her a lot.

Saturday was all about father/son bonding.  I managed to get a couple of tickets to see England vs. Ireland at Twickenham.  My dad is a huge rugby fan and I've noticed that he starts swearing when watching live sport.  Alan gets right into it.  Superb match though, even if England couldn't get the victory - I even bumped into Mumford and Sons in the bar afterwards.


Yesterday was a weird one.  I was asked to play in a charity cricket match.  Cricket in February isn't always the best idea - and we had to play 'whatever the weather' as it was for charity.  Chris Tarrant was the captain:


...and he was joined by a cast of actors, many of which I recognised from ITV1's hit series 'Midsomer Murders' - and as you know, I love that show so I was very happy.  I'm sure the wicketkeeper ran a cake sale in one of the episodes...

It was so cold and wet yesterday but so fun.  Here I am just coming off the field - victorious!:

cricket2.jpgA packed weekend, busy day today interviewing the Mumford lads at Maida Vale this morning...Oh, and I got a weeks holiday confirmed today - you'll be having Dev week commencing 15th March.  Fingers crossed, I'll be moving in to my new flat that week. Oh yes.

A quieter week planned this week - haven't had a minute to do anything else recently.  And by 'anything', I mean washing.  I stink.



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