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Ellie Goulding...

Greg James | 11:24 UK time, Wednesday, 10 February 2010

I spent yesterday evening at Metropolis Studios in South West London.  Ellie Goulding was doing a very special recording session and I was lucky enough to sneak along to it.  Ellie has just won a Brit award and is one of my favourite new acts.  I was made aware of her by the wonderful Huw Stephens a few months ago. 

Here she is in action.  I tried not to put her off by creeping around in the upstairs gallery.  But failed.  I'm an oaf.

ellie1.jpgThe session last night was extra special as Ellie was recording it straight on to old fashioned vinyl.  I went in to the recording studio to have a nose around:


This is Miles.  He was the man in charge of making sure everything recorded properly.  I wasn't let too close to the machine but this is where the master copy was made:


Another of her taken during one of her new songs, 'The Writer'.  It's a goodun.


The finished recorded vinyl in its box:


It was a brilliant evening, had a little chat with her afterwards and she is totally lovely and humble about all the hype that is surrounding her at the moment.  Just excited, as you would be! 



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