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Raise it up, raise it up...

Greg James | 11:36 UK time, Monday, 18 January 2010

Finally Florence and the Machine get the number one album they deserved, nice work. 

Annnnyway...Good afternoon lovely people and thank you for reading - I hope you had a good weekend?

I was flat hunting on Saturday and made progress.  Well, when I say progress, I mean I ruled out places I DIDN'T want to live.  The ghetto being one.  All fine though.  I drowned my sorrows by buying some new cricket equipment for winter training.  Nets start next week.

A busy week ahead and looking forward to it, I went a bit mad on Thursday and decided to go for a walk around my favourite part of London - here:


Got the Brits launch party tonight which I am looking forward to..

P.S. I watched Glee double bill yesterday afternoon with my girlfriend and I'm starting to like it.  And, as predicted, adores it. 



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