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Day 7 - The seaside again!

Greg James | 13:19 UK time, Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Today it was all about Mersea Island which is part of the glamorous Essex coastline.  I went to visit Emily who works long hours in the Seafood Shack on the island.  They have a lovely array of bits and bobs - whelks, cockels, oysters and jellied eels.  Jellied eels are my new worst food, so congratualtions to them.

Met a load of friendly fans of Radio 1 at the Shack who came down to say hello.  I was straight to work selling the seafood and ice creams to passers by.  I only messed up the till twice.

Emily is 16 and has just done her GCSEs and, unlike Anna from the aquarium yesterday, she wasn't quite as passionate about forging a career in seafood!  Good day though, and I was bought a celebratory pint afterwards for being such a brave little soldier for eating the seafood.

Me and Emily and Sebastian (Little Mermaid joke, there)


The Love Wagon next to the Shack:

carshack.jpg The jellied eels that Jo Whiley got me to eat.  Horrible.


Serving ice creams.  It's a tough life being a saint:


I'm blogging in the Love Wagon on the way to the next destination.  I'm still not being told where though.  It's up north - currently zooming through Cambridgeshire.



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