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Day 4 - Down on the farm!

Greg James | 15:23 UK time, Thursday, 23 July 2009

Day 4 - Down on the farm in Shropshire

The location was revealed to me this morning as per usual by Chris Moyles and I was sent to a farm!  So from bridal shops, to making smoothies, then getting my legs waxed at the beauty salon to something completely different - shovelling cow poo.  It's a glamorous life all this.  I'm finding it really interesting travelling the length and breadth of the UK and seeing the variety of things young people are getting up to.

Today, it was all about James Evans and his family.  He has just finished his A-Levels and is saving up to do a ski season next year by working hard on the family farm.  I had a tour of the farm, saw the milking parlour, met some of the cows, got my finger caught in the thing the udder goes in and messed up my trainers.  It's a very cool place to live though, his mates must love coming round for quad-bike races around the fields as long as they avoid the cows and slurry.

Hear what happened in the show here (audio available until 31 July)

I'm now racing back to BBC Manchester to get the show on at 4pm.  Good luck everyone!

Photos from today: (including the poo I shovelled. Awful.)







More photos from the show in my fancy BBC Manchester studio:

I've found some Mark Radcliffe props:






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