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Day 3 of the tour - Carmarthenshire!

Greg James | 14:36 UK time, Wednesday, 22 July 2009

So, it was Bath on Monday, Swansea yesterday and today, Chris Moyles sent me off to a beauty salon in a little place in South Wales called Ammonford.  I met Ffion and her sister Lowri who were lovely and I was forced to have my nails painted and get a spray tan.  I also took time out to answer their phones and book in some appointments.  A lovely old lady rang up to get her tash waxed next Tuesday at 10:30. 

Then, Jo Whiley suggested I get my legs waxed.  I thought this might happen, and there was nothing I could really do.  Never give in to peer pressure.  Like I do.


Listen to the show here (audio available until 30 July)


And we're just stopping off for a bacon double cheeseburger as we rush back to BBC Bristol to do the show at 4pm!

Hello to the people in the blue Reanult Scenic who waved at us as I write!

Anywhooo, here are a few photos from today:

By the way, the photo of me breathing in with my top off was requested by the girls in the salon as they want to send it to Heat magazine.  I said that if a picture of an untoned skinny boy gets 'torso of the week', I'd go back and do a days work in the salon for them for free.







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