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I'm here!

Greg James | 19:39 UK time, Friday, 26 June 2009

Not without problems though of course.  Self inflicted mind you.  I packed absolutely everything, or so I thought.  Except my ticket.  Idiot.  Anyway, luckily, I got in after much persuasion. 

I'm sitting in the BBC compound with my snazzy new wellies on.  They've got painted raindrops on them, if you care. 

Already seen Annie Mac, Grimmy and Reggie on site and just watched the amazing Friendly Fires on The Other Stage.

All I have to do now if try and locate various mates who are dotted around the festival.  This could prove to be very difficult as the phone reception is rubbish at best. 

I found a place to sleep though.  Jo's options of a transvestite and a tree house weren't the best, and the only place to stay tonight is sharing a tent with my boss Piers. Oh well.  At least it's on site and will be dry.  But if he starts talking about audience research and how to develop the show - I'm off.

Friendly Fires on The Other Stage:



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