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I am Frequency!

Greg James | 19:32 UK time, Sunday, 26 April 2009

Well, despite a bit of an illness which I'm recovering from, I really enjoyed doing Scott's show last week.

If you missed any of it, I was trying to become a superhero.  I did loads of training, got you to help me come up with a name (Frequency!), got my costume designed and did an heroic act.

Here are all the videos laid out easily so you can watch them all.  All this was part of my training:

Cage Fighting -  training with some proper hard nuts!

Stilt jumping - trying to run as fast as possible around Portsmouth!

Free-running - jumping over walls, balancing on poles - In Basingstoke

Extreme Driving - going really fast, but also safe at the same time. Well, Batman's never been involved in a hit and run has he?

You can hear the whole thing here...How fun!

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