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Happy Weekend!

Greg James | 12:23 UK time, Friday, 6 March 2009

And here ends another week!  I've taken delivery of some night vision goggles which will make this weekend fun! 

Been stuck in the office doing emails and stuff.  Finally done everything and now time to go home.  Hope you've had a good week, the show has been busy again this week and much fun.  More guff from Monday morning.

Very funny listening to Ricky Gervais on Jo's show just now - I love him and think I might get his DVD Ghost Town to watch on Saturday night.  Off to see Kaiser Chiefs tonight at Wembley too. 

Have a great weekend!


  • Comment number 1.

    Hi Greg, do you actually have somewhere to live?

  • Comment number 2.

    Hey Greg! I only caught two of this weeks shows. Was being an insomniac geek and watching Buffy DVDs.

    Anyway, both shows were great!

  • Comment number 3.

    Busy week, huh? i've had a busy week as well, doing teacher stuff u know... hehe

    I hope we both have a more relaxed week...

    Great show!!

  • Comment number 4.

    Hope Kaisers went well, if they weren't any good I'll have some words with them for you and make sure they're better for next time.

    Night Vison goggles - I can only imagine what childlike adventures you could have with those.

    I've ordered that Ghost Town film from that LoveFilm company, 90 day free trail (other free trials are available). Just watched the first film that turned up, The Pursuit Of Happyness, its very cute.

    Yet again I found myself unable to sleep most of the days this week, Wednesday was the only sensiblish time (2am). Even starting the week with the Radio 1 ban didn't help my insomnia.

    Oh well, onwards and upwards, I will probably sleep now, got woken up at 8am for a fire drill and then another OB this evening. Bad start, good end.


  • Comment number 5.

    Night vision goggles, eh?

    Nice to see your not being paid too much.


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