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A little update...

Greg James | 03:42 UK time, Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Welcome along!

Firstly, although the weather is looking up this week, I'm not sleeping enough and feel like a mess.  I got dressed in the dark the other morning, and on the way home, realised I looked like this.  Need a haircut too:


Anyway, I'm not moaning though and I'd rather be doing interesting stuff than not.   It's been a busy few days... At the weekend, I popped to Northern Ireland to DJ at a pre St. Patrick's Day type thing and it was very much a load of fun.  Here's the lovely people of Strabane:


So, got back to London on Sunday night, then was up again for the big early show and had a clear day ahead after that to catch up on a load of boring stuff.  I tend to have one day every month or so where I just sort everything out - unpaid bills included.  I'm useless at the boring aspects of life.  Then got woken up by a big wig saying that Scott was going to be off that afternoon so rushed in to do his show.  It's always fun being on in the day and I'd be an idiot to say "no thanks, I'm a bit tired" so I was on again! 

Yesterday, I went cage fighting for an upcoming hair brained idea that you'll find out all about shortly...The idea stemmed from me watching the big hit film 'Watchmen'.  More on this in the coming weeks.  I was badly beaten by some very heavy, sweaty blokes.  I ache all over this morning!

I then had pasta, watched James Corden and Matt Horne's new sketch show which does have some very funny moments in it despite it being panned by moany critics.  Then bed.  Now up again, obviously.



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