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Greg James | 14:46 UK time, Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Last night, I got to go to the world premiere of the big new film 'Watchmen'.  Now, I'll admit that I'm not the world's biggest comic book fan - well, I did quite like the Beano once upon a time - but Watchmen is a legendary comic book series.  And after years of courtcases, phone calls and arguments between nerds, it's finally been made into a feature length film.

It's a very impressive film and cost more than $100 million to make.  The effects are pretty decent but it is SO long.  Nearly 3 hours.  With poor legroom, this film is difficult to manage.  Fans of the comic will absolutely love it - and I mean properly love it.  There's some nudity in it too.  Also, don't be misled by the term 'comic' - there's nothing in this film for kids!  Very gory. 


Now, I say world premiere but don't think I've gone all showbiz as the most famous person I saw there was Producer Neil because we were diverted from the red carpet into the back entrance.  Have a look at the official website.  They've spent just a little bit too much money on it I think...

Good film though, it's out next Friday.



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