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Greg James | 05:43 UK time, Friday, 30 January 2009

This webcam image was spotted by eagle eyed listener 'Dr. Dave' who's listening in Japan this morning.  Thanks for spying on us...

No wonder our listening figures are going up with a studio atmosphere like this:


Also, Ian who works on my show and Chris' show was wearing a jumper that I couldn't quite believe.  It has pheasants on it.  Is this the new 'thing'? 



  • Comment number 1.

    So long as you haven't fallen asleep its fine! Haha.

    Loving the jumper! Thats just gloriously cool... Maybe we should find you one, then you two can match!


  • Comment number 2.

    He's got the same hairstyle as you. Is that a prerequisite for the Greg James show?

    Seriously where did you get that jumper?.It really is something else. My nan once knitted me a jumper with a badger on the front. And the jumper was yellow and my mum forced me to wear it to school. FIVE. DAYS. IN. A. ROW. Before I told her i'd be on the phone to childline if she tried it pulling that ish again.

    My nan was great (I miss my nan) but every year, with crushing inevitability, for my birthday i'd get another revised pack for membership with the RSPB, which included...

    1. A pack specific to your age, including posters, stickers, a logbook with activities, a membership card and a certificate.

    2. A choice of either a wildlife stationery set or a wildlife organiser.

    3. A magazine for teenagers, 'Wingbeat' plus a copy of the (apparently) acclaimed and imaginatively titled 'Birds'

    4. The chance to enter competitions and take part in projects, activities and wildlife holidays.

    5. Free entry to more than (count 'em) 100 RSPB nature reserves.

    Great. Cheers, it's not that I was ungrateful, but, y'know I didn't want to spend my time looking for elusive kingfishers and ticking them off on a crib sheet. Any chance of some Reebok Pumps or some Nike Air Jordans, eh? I know you're good for it.

  • Comment number 3.

    the jumper is pretty awesome. you should start a trend greg! how about it!? :P

    and yea i don't blame you for looking like that at four in the morning. Even if you've conditioned yourself to get up that early, just being up at that hour I'm sure makes you tired.


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