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The 5:19 Show and impending illness...

Greg James | 03:40 UK time, Friday, 5 December 2008

Welcome along one and all to the final day of the working week for some people.  A day we all look forward to straight after the last one finishes.  It's a bit sad really that we all kind of wish our lives away every week.. 'Oh, can't wait 'till Friday' - 'Yey! It's Friday' - 'Oh, boring Monday again' - 'Oh. can't wait 'till Friday'...And so on.

Anyways, had a nice busy day yesterday, slightly ill-timed though due to it being straight after the Christmas Party which I'm sure you're all sick of heaing about now.  However, I was invited along to BBC Switch's 5:19 Show last night to be a guest on there.  It's a very fun, daily show presented by Tom Deacon which is broadcast on the internet every day at 5:19pm.  It's worth a watch one day, and why not start off with the one I'm on?  Makes sense eh?  Click HERE to watch last night's episode.

I had to put as many pegs as possible on my head in 30 seconds:

Peg James, there:


I'm feeling like dog dirt today.  Without wanting to be too graphic, I went out to meet an old school mate last night and called it a day fairly early due to me feeling totally ill.  Went home and didn't manage to keep my dinner down if you know what I mean.  Horrible.  I think it was due to a combination of not enough sleep this week, working hard (as always by the way!), not eating very well and having one too many frothy bevvies midweek which I said I would cut down on.  Possibly a little bug lurking around somewhere too.  Am supposed to be going out tonight but it could be quiet one in and lights out at 7pm.  Coooool.

If you're looking for something to watch tonight on TV, apart from the marvellous 5:19 Show, tune in to BBC1 at 10:35pm to watch Live At The Apollo tonight with this week's Early Breakfast guest - Russell Kane (he's very good) .



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