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Spot the ball...

Greg James | 15:13 UK time, Monday, 1 December 2008

I got quite caught up in the FA Cup at the weekend. Cambridge side Histon got through to the next round which was quite exciting - for them.

Anyway, I was watching the coverage on ITV1 and spotted this beauty. This shot is taken from the fixed camera they had installed in the team dressing room to get the 'post match atmosphere' and there were a few players in there with their tops off, lots of hugging, people celebrating the massive win over Leeds.

The coverage was live and they cut to the dressing room camera and all of a sudden, in the top corner of the shot, I was amazed to spot this. This guy was caught coming out of the shower completely naked:

You can see him using the handy RED DOT and ARROW that I've put on.  You know, if I wasn't a presenter, I'd probably be a graphic designer with skills like that.

Seconds later, he covered up his modesty with a towel but it was too late.  Everyone had seen his 'little man'.




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