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Lie in, with Greg James...

Greg James | 13:21 UK time, Monday, 22 December 2008

 Hello you dirty little bloggers - welcome along to a new week.  I had a brilliant lie in this morning.  8:15!  I know, incredible.  Was woken up by a the bloke from downstairs knocking on my door relentlessly - my flat is leaking water in to his flat it seems.  It dripped on his wife's head this morning apparently.  I think he was being a bit over dramatic.  So, i've left the plumber in my flat to fix whatever is wrong and hopefully it'll be sorted by later and nothing will have been nicked.

On my way in to work, I spotted the perfect inadvertent antidote to Chrismas.  It's a reindeer but it looks like it's been put in a field, and set on fire.  For this is what they look like:


The burnt remains of a reindeer.  I don't think these are the most cheerful looking fellas.  Do you?  Merry Christmas.

Anyway, just sorting out bits for covering Scott's show this afternoon - it's nice to be on at a more earthly hour!  That's all for now.

Also, just been looking around on the 'news pages of Radio 1 Online' and saw this photo of X Factor's Eoghan and it made me laugh for some reason.  Let's do a caption competition*.  Best answer will win absolutely nothing.


Post your captions below...Go on, you've got nothing else to do.


* This is not a competition at all, it's just for fun to make me laugh.



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