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Westwood's shoe comes off...

Greg James | 06:18 UK time, Monday, 3 November 2008

I was alerted to this video today and thought I should share it with you!  It is one of my favourites of the last few months.  It's of an appearance by Westwood on Soccer AM at the weekend.  Watch very closely at the end as his shoe flies off.  Excellent.


Hope you had a lovely weekend, I had a great time in Northern Ireland and I deejayed at a club called Katy Daly's...Here's some people I met:


Cannot flipping wait for the Killers tonight.  Oh my god, they are like so freeeeekin awesome (to coin a phrase).  I will, of course, take some sneaky pics and shove them on here tomorow morning.

P.S. In response to a few comments on the blog, I'd like to let you all know that although I don't post my own, I do actually read them all and it goes without saying that they are all appreciated! 



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