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Greg James | 01:35 UK time, Saturday, 29 November 2008

Just got back from the MGMT gig tonight and it was a little bit disappointing.  I really like their album and there's some brilliant tracks on it, however, there was just something missing from it.  I don't really know what, but it was just a bit flat.  Had a lovely curry before hand though.  Still a very impressive album - perhaps an off night.  We all get under the weather - I've been feeling ill all week.  Think I've got a cold coming on. Awful.

I'm sitting around in my flat after only just making the last tube home.  I pegged it down the escalators, and only just squeezed through the train doors.  It was the last tube of the night though so it would have been a long walk home if I'd missed it.  Or a £30 taxi journey and although it was payday today, it seems a bit stupid to pay that.  Plus, it's always funny to see the drunks on the train.  There's always one boozed up idiot who tries to perform an improvised stand-up comedy set in the carriage.  I wanted to tell him he looked like an arse but there would have been no point.  

I always have toast when I get home after a night out.  Toast with Marmite.  (I'm obliged to say that other yeast extract products are available).

So, the Christmas schedule came out today which I'm really excited about.  I'm on a fair amount and I have 3 weeks off early breakfast.  Apart from doing 10-1 on Christmas Day, I'm covering Scott's show for 3 weeks which I'm really looking forward to.  Getting up at half 2 in these Winter months is so much more difficult than in the Summer and it'll be nice to get some lie ins!  

I was discussing the logistics of the live 'Christmas Cook Along' with Producer Neil tonight and we think it's very possible.  All we need is a halogen cooker and a microwave.  Simple really.  I want to make the Christmas Day show as fun as possible because it's a great day to be on air.  Loads of people will be listening and it's such a brilliant time of year.  My favourite time actually.  Plus, all the rubbishy local stations will be pre-recorded all day or have some generic 'what rubbish presents do you get' show on.  Radio 1 is so much better than that.

This is where this blog is being written:

 My room and whole flat is a mess at the moment.  It's been a busy week and I've only used this place to sleep really.  Clothes everywhere, dirty pots and pans, unopened post.  Tomorrow is 'sort everything out' day.

Probably time to go to bed now isn't it...I've been falling asleep listening to Coldplay's new EP for the last few nights and I absolutely love it.  It's my record of the week next week so I'll play you my favourite tracks from it.  It's very impressive I think.  Consistently churning out great pop songs that band.  Love them.  So much.

Tatty bye! 



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