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Lead Balloon...

Greg James | 16:14 UK time, Sunday, 23 November 2008

Jack Dee has always been one of my favourite comedians ever since I discovered his stand up DVDs when I was at school.  I think I relate to him being so grumpy at every day things.  Him, along with Ricky Gervais and Larry David are my comedy idols because everything they seem to do is of great quality.  There is no evidence of 'selling out' at any point in their career which can't be said for a lot of British comedians.  If you haven't seen much of their stuff I suggest you go and buy one of their DVDs or have a little search on YouTube for some clips.

The reason for this post is to let you know about Jack Dee's incredible sitcom 'Lead Balloon' which is back for a third series.  This show started out very low key and was on at about 11pm on BBC4.  It has now made it's way to BBC2 on Thursday nights at 10pm and is just fantastic.  It is subtle, beautifully written, incredibly funny and doesn't suffer from a hideous laughter track. 

If you can access the iPlayer, you can catch up on the first two episodes of this new series.  It is brilliant.

Episode 1 of 'Lead Balloon' - Click here

Episode 2 of 'Lead Balloon' - Click here

This show is a hidden gem. 

Do you have any shows that you love that you want to shout about?  If anyone suggests 'Little Britain USA', I'll have your membership taken away,  Only joking.  Or am I? 



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