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Greg James | 06:29 UK time, Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Well, I'm not really sure what happened, but I know for a fact that I've been having blog withdrawal symptoms!

Anywho, the blog is back!

So, lots to catch up on, hope you've still been having a look back at the marvellous week of the big University Tour.  I have just about recovered from it all and moved in to my new flat which I'm really happy about.  Oh, except for it flooding a bit and the shower breaking.  I'm sure you've heard about it on the show, but the upshot of it all was that my really nice new landlord was so embarrassed by the whole thing that he bought me dinner.  Incredible. 

Bit of a tired mess today to be honest, going to go back and sleep for a couple of hours, then Producer Neil and I are having a summit this afternoon for a few drinks to celebrate a year of the big early show.  During the summit, we will be discussing how to re-invent radio yet again and take us forward into year 2!  What I mean is, we'll be coming up with more gems like 'The Wind Tunnel'.  Exciting times!

More later!

Oh, just found this in my phone.  Just to prove that you can bump into absolutely ANYONE at Radio 1:




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