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Thank you Oxford, you were excellent...

Greg James | 06:33 UK time, Monday, 22 September 2008

Well, well, well...What a fun night it was on Saturday.  I was welcomed along to Oxford Brookes University to DJ at their 'Fresher's Finale' which was an awesome night!  I was supported by an Amy Winehouse tribute act called "Maybe Winehouse" (clever, eh?) and just played out a few hits, danced around like an idiot and met a load of lovely people.

It was a hot venue, and I was sweating quite a lot (such a stud) so I used a towel to mop my brow.  To my horror, a girl in the front row requested to have my towel as a souvenir of my visit.  It was perhaps a low point of my career, but she seemed to be very happy with her wet freebie. 

I also set the fire alarms off due to using the smoke machines too much, and there was the first crowd surfer I've had whilst doing a gig.  He was quite, urrm, merry, shall we say...  He was rushed off in an ambulance.

Anyway, I did that old trick of taking a photo of the crowd:




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