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Chappers Stands Up Sway!!

Max | 07:01 UK time, Friday, 5 September 2008

Happy 26th Birthday to Sway who joined me live in the studio this morning...All week I have been playing his new single 'Saturday Night Hustle' as my Record Of The Week.

We had cake and lots of jokes.  He told me about being on the new album from the Kaiser Chiefs and how hard it is to get a call back from Mark Ronson!!




Oh yeah Chappers was supposed to perform a live version of the song with Sway in the studio but he didn't turn up!!!

Mad with Chappers....Mad with Sway too because he left cake for Chappers even after he stood us up!

Greg is back on Monday thanks for making me feel so welcome and keeping me company in the early mornings.  Miss you!

Producer Neil, Producer Phil and Producer Matt you guys are Hilllllllariousss!!! as Kat from BIg Brother would say!! lol




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