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Todays Show!!!

Max | 07:58 UK time, Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Hey Guys

Max here I'm in for the lovely Mr James for the next few weeks.  So far its been a giggle Producer Phil is such a lad he is always hungry and has given me an insight into the mind of a weird greedy man!!

This morning we had 3 loud ladies from Chelsea Ladies Fooball Club in...they were up for a laugh and at the same time were very fiesty and representing for Ladies Football!!

  max_footie_team2.jpg(l-r) Sophie, Lorrie, Max, Lianne

Here's the off-air video blog

Oh my god i look like a 10 year old ..with my hair in a bun....and a no go area a banana clip.What was I thinking!!!!!!

That's it 2 days on Radio 1 and I'm letting myself go..tomorrow I will be back to my old glamourous ways!!! lol! This is more "me"....





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