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Greg James | 03:48 UK time, Friday, 1 August 2008

Thought I'd better blog this as I haven't metioned it on here...

So, was sitting around in Green Park in London with a couple of old Uni mates and all of a sudden, my executive producer Piers rings me.

This is Piers:

piers.jpgAnyway, he rings me to say that Jo is still not very well and that Annie Mac isn't available and that he'd like me to do a double shift and cover her show.  Jo's show is one of the ones that I always wanted to have a go at plus....one of my favourite bands were in in the Live Lounge.  Pendulum!

So, although it was a double shift and I was an absolute mess by the end of her show, I felt so privileged to have them as my first Live Lounge.  It was an incredible performance and widely regarded as one of the best ever.  I said after they finished their cover of Coldplay's 'Violet Hill' that I hadn't heard many better Live Lounges than that.  Without getting too corporate and nobby, this is the sort of thing that makes Radio 1 stand out.  No one else can do that.

Check it all out here.



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