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Miserable day - time to listen to some music...

Greg James | 08:55 UK time, Tuesday, 12 August 2008

So, it's a miserable day in London and many other parts of the UK today, as Chris has been saying on his show.  There goes summer.  Typically, when everyone's back at school/college/Uni etc in September, it'll be scorching no doubt!

Anyway, recovered from my weekend in Newquay and I'm currently sitting around at work listening to a few bits of music.  Had a listen to the new record from Daniel Powter - it's not the best.  Certainly not a contender for Record of The Week anytime soon.  I have similar feelings about Will Young's new record.  Stinker.

However, there is a great new tune by Moby and Freemasons called 'Disco Lies', and something else that I think is going to be huge is a track called "Handlebars" by Flobots.  Jo has been playing it lots, and loves it too - have a look at the video here on her blog.  I first heard it on Colin's show about 2 months ago and it sounded flipping amazing in my car whilst I was bombing round town.  I think it's going to be a BIG hit.  Mark my words.

This afternoon, I'll be mostly going to the gym and listening to Noah and the Whale's album which was delivered to me yesterday.  Excellent!



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